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05 October 2020

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Good teachers are hard to find, and once there is a right fit, a good teacher can have an everlasting impact on a child.

In fact, the fondness and liking towards a subject depends on a child’s liking towards a teacher. Considering how important teachers are in this system, it is absolutely essential that your child learns from the best.

Student teacher communication

We at Cuemath take absolute care in the fact that your child gets the best learning experience. And this is why we handpick our teachers, literally. 

The learning experience of a child at Cuemath is beyond excellence. In this fast-changing world, Cuemath aims to redefine the Math Learning Experience of every child. With a focus on Problem Solving & Critical Thinking, we have developed futuristic & innovative learning experiences for children in Math & Coding. And our teachers have the superpower to transition these experiences to your child.

We assure you, your child will love learning with Cuemath! 

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What Do The Cuemath Teachers Do?

At Cuemath, we don’t teach, we cue. Answers are not handed over to children on a silver platter. Children are taught concepts with the help of visual aids that enhance their learning.

This methodology helps recall better, and when a Cuemath teacher guides a child in the right direction, they automatically answer them on their own! If this isn’t the right way to teach them, what is?

Our teachers ensure that every child actively figures out concepts themselves, by solving a calibrated sequence of problems. Whoever said ‘Self Learning Is The Best Learning’ was absolutely right. 

teacher teaching

Cuemath provides 1-on-1 Personalised Classes to every student. With 10x more attention than what a child gets in schools and classrooms, they tend to learn faster from their teachers. No school/ tuition teacher in this date and time can provide personalized attention, but we at Cuemath give your child the best teacher with the most personalized learning experience ever.

If you don't believe how much of an impact this would create, why don't you take a couple of classes with us and see a starking difference in your child..the results really show!

Cuemath Teachers Explain Concepts with Interactive Simulations

Imagine a person being able to visualize a Math problem in their mind and arriving at a solution without using pen and paper. Seems like something you would only see in movies, right?

Cuemath breaks this norm by teaching kids interesting interactive simulations for every concept and question. With a visually aided learning approach, children are able to recall faster, apply better and remember longer.

When math is taught visually, by distilling the core principle, we are able to chunk the concept into the mind, and we are then able to apply the concept in a new context. You see math as a power. You begin to love math.


At Cuemath, all the tutors who apply to teach students are rigorously tested for various parameters and go through an extensive process. In fact, it is so rigorous that only 1 out of 500 tutors get selected. We assess every teacher applicant on empathy, learning and patience. It's very essential that our teachers are empathetic with their students and understand their strengths and weaknesses before teaching them.

With the support of a Cuemath teacher, children will be able to amplify their strengths and correct their weaknesses. Like Cuemath students, Cuemath teachers are also continuously evolving. Our teachers need to be the best at not only teaching but also learning themselves.

Teaching little children, a tough subject like Mathematics can be quite challenging. And an absolute essential need for every teacher is to have a little patience. Our teachers understand that patience can go a long way in helping children ace Math, and eventually logical thinking. 

Why is A Unique Teaching Experience Needed?

Math is the language of problem-solving & Coding is the language of telling machines how to go about solving the problem repeatedly. Teaching these skills cannot be easy. It is like teaching a language to a child.

It needs to be taught with love, empathy and answering every question on the concept that a child might have.

Cuemath understands this, and we want to empower children with the tools to get ready for the future. With our current processes and the amazing teachers that we have onboard, we plan to create 1 million Problem Solvers by 2022.

This is not going to be easy, but we have a secret sauce that can accelerate our growth..want to know what it is?

The Cuemath Principles

At the core of the Cuemath, we explain the ‘Why before the What’. We think it is not just important to solve a problem, it is important to understand the reasons to follow a certain approach so that it can be replicated when a similar problem needs to be solved.

Thinking ‘Why’ helps a child understand the problem a little better, and can attack with a solution easily. 

cuemath why


Math is being taught in the same way it was taught years ago- as a series of rules and steps. Similar teaching methodologies are being followed, and this has led to math being perceived as tough or boring. But guess what, it is not. In fact, it is one of the most interesting and application-based subjects there is.

Cuemath breaks the traditional norms set around Math by introducing elements that make it fun and easy to learn. We have realized that if this subject isn’t taught well, kids will get scared of it. After all, math is much more than a subject.

It is the language of thinking & problem-solving. Cuemath helps make it a superpower for your kid! See the amount of impact that a small change in the teaching experience can have? This is what Cuemath does, and this is the kind of teaching that you can experience from a Cuemath teacher- any Cuemath teacher!

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Know more about the Cuemath fee here, Cuemath Fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is every Cuemath teacher a math expert?

The role of a teacher is to engage the children, guide, and motivate them to learn through reasoning and thinking. However, every Cuemath teacher is required to clear a math-based test to ensure that they have adequate knowledge about various mathematical concepts. Learn more about Cuemath teacher qualifications and training methodology.

2. Do all children get better at Math in Cuemath?

All children excel in maths with the right guidance by a teacher, the efforts they put in and support from parents. Generally, a period of 3 to 6 months is sufficient for most children to do significantly better and sometimes it may take 6 to 9 months. Learn more about how all children get better at math in Cuemath.

3. Is Cuemath a genuine opportunity for teachers

Cuemath teaches math to students from KG-12th. We have a community of over 8,000 teachers reaching out to over 2 lakh students both in India and overseas. Math experts of Cuemath are trained to maintain excellent teaching and learning standards. Join our family of 8,000 Teacher-Partners and start your franchise business and start earning from home.

4. Do I need to pay to become a Cuemath teacher?

A one-time investment of Rs. 6,990 is to be made for registration. The Rs 6990 payment is like an Earnest Money deposit and designed to make sure that only committed teachers progress into training, as the entire cost of the training is borne by Cuemath.

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