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Cuemath- the answer to every student’s prayer!

Cuemath- the answer to every student’s prayer!

January 5, 2017

fear of math?

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Cuemath does not believe in just high marks in exams.

Math is an essential part of every student’s life and many of us know many kids who find math stressful and explicitly proclaim their hatred for the subject.

While we assume that students with good grades have a flair for math, it may not be true for all!

Here’s Tanmayee Tyagi from Cuemath, sharing her experience with math.

“Growing up, I was told that I was a model student- obedient, rule abiding, good grades etc.

I was a student that my teachers and parents were proud of. Although this made me happy, they did not know how nervous exams made me. Especially, that dreaded mathematics exam. I knew the concepts and my basics were clear (or so I thought!).

However, there was way too much dependency on me learning things rather than understanding them. And that planted the seed of fear of maths in my little heart.

My story is not unique in any way. It is the story of millions of students all over the world.

But this story can now have a very different ending. Thanks to Cuemath!

It is now very plausible for kids to look forward to math because of the rather exciting workbooks, engaging tab games and quirky puzzles.

After having seen such a wonderful curriculum, I’m sure that what I learnt as “math” back in school is nothing compared to this.
We at Cuemath believe in making kids free thinkers.

We want every child to think about the why behind the what and to figure it out not with the help of textbooks but with their own understanding of things.

This is the vision here at Cuemath. We are a platform where the kids are free to question everything and understand the logic behind every mathematical formula ever devised or every theorem ever formulated.

Cuemath strives to make every child great at math while providing them with any assistance that they require.

Being great at math should not be a short-term goal for an individual. It should be considered as a life skill and a long journey that is going to help shape the future of our nation.”

Do you agree with Tanmayee? Shouldn’t your child be given a great math education that will help him/her grow successfully in future? Connect with your nearest Cuemath Teacher to understand how you can help your child fall in love with math!

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