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Why is Cuemath better than Math Tuitions?



01 December 2020

Cuemath is better than Math Tuitions, here is Why!

With the global pandemic of COVID spreading fiercely and violently, everything in the world is moving online. From concerts and schools to healthcare service and fitness training, the world is adapting to interacting through Zoom, WhatsApp, and phone calls.

One of the biggest problems that you as a parent would be facing, is having your child at home, taking classes online. And post the school classes, attending tuitions to brush up on the same topics and reinstate their learning. 

Through this process, you will realize that your child has not been able to learn anything new. The only additional advantage was having someone assist them with homework.

Why is Cuemath better than Math Tuitions-PDF

Cuemath’s learning platform has carefully designed simulations to help the student visualize concepts. This blog will help us understand why is Cuemath better than Math Tuitions. Here is a downloadable PDF to explore more.

📥 Why is Cuemath better than Math Tuitions-PDF


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Around the time of exams, tuitions end up becoming summary revisions of what has been learnt in the last few weeks. But that is not what learning math is about. Learning math is to open up your mind to the endless possibilities of solving problems, learning new techniques and improving your logical capabilities- not only schools, but even tuition teachers miss out on incorporating all this in the learning process. 

At Cuemath, we build intuition for math, not just competence because Math is not to solve equations or geometry problems, Math is a life skill.

It is a language of thinking that enhances problem-solving skills. Being good at Math is like having a superpower, and that is how math should be taught - to empower children, not discourage them. 

Cuemath Vs Math tuitions

Cuemath Learning >>> Math Tuitions

At Cuemath, we believe that children should learn math with interest and ease; which is why we don’t teach math, we cue children in the right direction to learn it themselves.

When we cue our students, they have to actively figure out concepts themselves, by solving a calibrated sequence of problems. And we don’t have to tell you this, but learning by oneself builds confidence in children. 

We provide personalized learning to our students. One of the problems that we have seen is that a lot of children end up hating math.

There could be many reasons to it- A child’s fundamentals may not be strong, or the child has become disinterested in math because of the way it is taught at school or tuition centers.

We tackle these problems by providing personalized attention to every student who learns with us. When students get 10x more attention than classrooms, they automatically start to enjoy it, and then eventually become great at it!

Cuemath’s learning platform has carefully designed simulations to help the student visualize concepts, understand them and never forget them. One of the most important things that helps students learn is to see the concepts practically implemented. Math tuitions will not be able to give the same learning experience.

All of these things are taught by Cuemath’s certified tutors. Did you know - Only 1 in 500 tutors get selected after being screened for empathy, learning and patience? Our teachers are trained to be the best! 

Math tuition and cuemath

What is Cuemath’s secret sauce?

At the core of the Cuemath method is the principle of explaining the Why before the What.

Even as a child, you would have been taught math as a series of rules and steps. And you have realized that if it is not taught well, it leads to diminishing engagement. This can lead to math being perceived as tough or boring.

Going to math tuitions may not help you realize that math is much more than a subject. It is the language of thinking & problem solving. 

For our students at Cuemath,  it is a superpower that kids can weild to solve problems, think innovatively. You ask us how?

kid thinking

Think of Multiplication...do you think of “tables” or do you understand multiplication intuitively as repeated addition? Disappointingly a majority of the kids in grade 3 do not know that 12x4 is another way of expressing 4x12, but they know that 12x4 = 48 and 4x12 equals 48! 

When math is taught visually, by distilling the core principle, children will be able to chunk the concept into the mind, and be able to apply the concept in a new context. They will start to see Math as a superpower!

Can Math Tuitions provide this Experience?

Children feel much more comfortable with online tutoring as compared to the traditional in-person method.

E-learning can be accessed from the comfort of home and at any time that suits your child. In addition to this, the environment is very relaxed. Something that offline tuitions cannot provide.

It also additionally helps that you as parents can meet & interact with the teachers before making a final decision. 

In most cases, students can remember all the exercises and score well in exams. Though scoring high marks in exams is a short-term goal, at Cuemath, we build life skills.

kid crying

We focus on learning and building strong fundamentals. We believe that if the concepts are strong, scoring good marks in exams is bound to happen.

Once your child takes a couple of classes with us, you will realize that cuemath classes don't feel like an additional academic burden. We have designed them to keep children engaged with Math activities and puzzles.

They will fall in love with math, and that too without having put any pressure on their learning. 

Math can’t be learnt by repeated practice

Math tuitions focus on helping children practice math problems extensively. Children are assigned worksheets in every class and are expected to solve them independently.

A teacher-facilitator is present to help children if they have questions. Assigning extensive practice on each question type does not always help. And even though a teacher may be available to give relevant inputs, sometimes they may over assist.  

As a parent, you don't want your child to go through drill-type that leads to no output. You want them to learn and understand problems with reasoning, and then ace it! 

What are you waiting for, sign up for a free demo class, and feel the difference of learning with Cuemath. 

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Understand the Cuemath fee structure and sign up for a free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Cuemath Learning system?

Cuemath is a program developed for children from grades 1-10 to teach them math in a fun and exciting way. The curriculum is designed after intense research and iterations by experts from IITs and Cambridge.

2. How is Cuemath curriculum/methodology in Cuemath Online Program different from school/tuition?

We have a unique teaching methodology that enables students to develop a strong reasoning and mathematical mindset.

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