How are concepts introduced in Cuemath?

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1. Introduction
2. Adaptive Learning
3. Interactive Whiteboard
4. Math Worksheets
5. Conclusion 
7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

18 September 2020

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Cuemath was born with a vision to help students learn math the right way and overcome the difficulties they face due to traditional blackboard learning.

Its prime focus is to upgrade the quality and strategy for math learning and education.

At Cuemath students understand concepts through live simulations, interactive whiteboards, math worksheets, and adaptive learning methods with the help of a teacher available for your child at all times.

Adaptive Learning 

At Cuemath students drive their own learning. This is referred to as adaptive learning. Students have their own set of Cuemath learning resources which include online worksheets, interactive exercises, and creative reasoning simulations calibrated to their difficulty level. 

As the students work their way through these resources, the most important role of the teacher is to maintain and encourage the effort in class.

The basic ideology behind adaptive learning is the ability to modify and customize the learning material in retrospect with the performance of a student in question.

important notes to remember
“Adaptive learning is the future of an advanced education sector as it provides methods that are unique to the abilities of each learner.”

Adaptive learning

Benefits of Adaptive learning

  • One to one conversation: Interaction between the student and the teacher is one on one. This eliminates peer pressure, labeling, and drives up the effort of the child by making the class more enjoyable.  
  • Create individualized learning paths:  By consistently cue-ing and not telling, the teacher develops the ability of the student to reason, arrive at answers independently, and thus learn faster and learn better.
  • Build on prior knowledge: The Cuemath online worksheets start off with questions and math problems based on a student’s prior knowledge. Thus without the need for elaborate teaching, the student starts solving questions. Then, they gradually ramp up the difficulty level in the workbook.
  • Greater time efficiency: Helps the child to spend less time in solving the problem.
  • The right sequence to increase learning: Visual, Pictorial, and Abstract is the sequence that maximizes learning. Topics are introduced in that sequence, always.

Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard helps to enhance the classroom learning experience through the display on the screen.

Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard can be in the form of a standalone touchscreen computer or a connectable apparatus with a touchpad used to control other computers from a projector. 

important notes to remember
"Students can enjoy visual learning. It also makes the classroom sessions interactive by making the students write, draw, and manipulate images on the interactive whiteboard."

Benefits of Interactive whiteboard

  • Makes it easier for the teacher to structure lessons.
  • Makes the learning process more fun.
  • Increases the level of engagement between teachers and students.
  • Allows students with various disabilities to learn better.
  • Brings convenience and flexibility in learning.

Math Worksheets

With the Cuemath program, your child will get the best-in-class practice worksheets that have been expertly designed by our highly qualified curriculum team. Our worksheets exist to achieve two goals:

  • To facilitate a clear understanding of concepts and reinforce the importance of internalizing first principles.
  • To aid in the retention of concepts gained via targeted practice.
important notes to remember
"Worksheets are an effective tool in encouraging the students to engage their brains during class."

The Cuemath worksheets are available for students of all grades from KG - 8.
Click on your grade below to access the worksheets of the topics from the grade.

  1. KG 
  2. Grade 1 
  3. Grade 2  
  4. Grade 3 
  5. Grade 4 
  6. Grade 5  
  7. Grade 6 
  8. Grade 7 
  9. Grade 8 


Math worksheets

Benefits of math worksheets

  • Provides a clear summary of the content.
  • Reinforce specific skills.
  • Gives students a safe space to practice at their own pace.
  • Help students focus on the specific subject matter.
  • Make it easier to see the big picture.
  • Tap into previously learned skills while building new ones.
  • Help children comprehend and communicate math ideas.
  • Allow hands-on experience after hearing or reading about a concept.


We hope that you have an idea about how concepts are taught at Cuemath. Visit our website to know more about our program and an efficient way of learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is Cuemath better than home tuitions?

Home tuitions focus on homework completion and exams revision, with little focus on learning something new, or going beyond what is taught in school. However, at Cuemath, we focus on building your child’s fundamentals in math. Home tuitions follow what is taught at school, while at Cuemath, the curriculum is delivered in a structured fashion – through Online worksheets and simulations. Most home tutors are not trained, whereas Cuemath teachers are carefully selected and undergo rigorous training. Unlike home tuitions that have no cap on the number of students, a Cuemath teacher enrolls only 7 to 8 students from different grades. This has two specific benefits - it reduces competition amongst students, while also allowing the teacher to give individual attention to each student.

2. Which is the better: Cuemath or Kumon?

Both Cuemath and Kumon are after-school Math programs. Kumon is to learn maths by a repeated process, whereas Cuemath is to learn math by reasoning. Click here to know more about Cuemath vs Kumon.

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