Cuemath SCHOOL Diagnostic Test: Interpretation sheet

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Cuemath SCHOOL Diagnostic Test: Interpretation sheet

September 2, 2016

Reading Time: 1 minutes

  •      This diagnostic test is designed to gauge a child’s grasp of the topics taught in school (knowledge) as well as the inherent mathematical aptitude (ability) that a child possesses.
  •     The knowledge section focusses on the topics that schools cover. The score on this section is a reflection of how well the school is helping the child develop his/her math skills.
  •     The ability section taps into skills that build mathematical thinking and aptitude. These skills are largely ignored by schools but very important for overall development.
  •     We believe that all children can be great at math. So a score on this diagnostic is not an indicator of how good the child is at math. Instead, it is a reflection of the kind of math education he/she has received.
  •     With the right mathematical inputs, all children can excel at mathematics, especially up to a school level.


Parent’s guide to interpreting the diagnostic score:

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