What is the Cuemath Diagnostic Test?


October 25, 2016

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The Cuemath Diagnostic Test (CDT) is being conducted in your child’s school.

The CDT is designed to gauge a child’s grasp of the topics taught in school as well as the inherent mathematical aptitude that a child possesses. It is being conducted across 75 schools with more than 40,000 students taking part in it.

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This diagnostic test assesses children on two fronts:

  • The School Math section focuses on the topics that schools cover. The score on this section is a reflection of how well the current education system is helping the child develop his/her math skills.
  • The Ability section taps into skills that build mathematical thinking and aptitude. These skills are largely ignored by schools but very important for overall development.

The winners from each grade will be given medals and certificates. Apart from this, all the participants will receive certificates as well.

The CDT is therefore, an easy test to understand how well the present environment is helping your child understand math and learn it easily.

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