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July 21, 2020

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At Cuemath, learning outcomes matter over all else

The Cuemath program tracks the performance of each student in every class. Teachers are provided with a weekly report of learning outcomes along with actionable insights. Cuemath ensures that all students get the most appropriate inputs from their teacher at the right time. This allows children to learn concepts deeply, and faster.


Cuemath focuses on math, math, and only math 🙂

Cuemath focuses on a single subject – math. That’s because math is not just a subject, it’s a life skill. Policymakers across the world go so far as to say that math is the new civil right. Given the importance of maths in our lives, Cuemath has a dedicated curriculum team that’s built a math program that delivers learning outcomes consistently. At the same time, the Cuemath curriculum is not static. Based on student performance data, the learning resources are modified and updated. This means the program is always getting better.


The reason Cuemath is effective – the Cuemath Method

The reason Cuemath consistently delivers learning outcomes is down to the Cuemath Method of learning. In the Cuemath Method:

Children learn by reasoning.
The focus is on helping children actively build understanding rather than passively consume content by simply listening to lectures, presentations, or watching videos.

Visual, Pictorial, and then Abstract progression for all concepts.
The understanding of each topic is built sequentially. First through pictures or physical learning aids to help a child to visualize the concept. This helps build an intuition for the math concept. Then children proceed to abstract problems and apply their understanding to new problems. Apart from that, there are math exercises on the tab that further sharpen the understanding of the topic.

One on one interaction. No peer pressure.
Unlike school, the Cuemath Method does not involve broadcast teaching. There are no more than six students in a batch and these students are often of different ages. So all interactions are one on one. Children feel free to ask questions. They are not judged for making mistakes but encouraged to learn from them.

Just the right level of challenge.
Cuemath has a personalized learning plan for each child. So if the child finds a topic easy, they have an opportunity to master it quickly, work on advanced problems, and move on to the next topic. On the other hand, if a child finds a topic challenging, then the teacher goes back to basics. This gives the child an opportunity to bridge any learning gaps and move ahead with strong foundations.

Cueing. No telling.
All Cuemath teachers are trained and certified to cue the answers rather than simply tell the answer. The Cuemath Method encourages students to figure the answers out instead of having them spoon-fed. The teacher will nudge and give clues to help children move ahead. This way, when the student figures out the answer, not only do they understand the concept a little better, but they also get a boost in confidence.

The results speak for themselves,

  • In 3 months, 93% of students say that they got better at Math because of Cuemath.
  • As a result, in 3 to 6 months students start performing better in school. They do well in competitive exams.
  • 3 out of 4 Cuemath students bagged the top 3 ranks at the IMO exams.
  • Students showed a y% increase in logical reasoning over 6 months
  • x% of students said that they are now more confident in math because of Cuemath
  • Students start performing one grade ahead on aptitude skills within 4 months at Cuemath
  • x% of students solve puzzles that are one grade ahead in 7 months at Cuemath

Thus in summary:

→ At Cuemath, learning outcomes matter over all else.
→ We are the math experts and have built a program that delivers for all children
→ The reason for Cuemath’s effectiveness is the Cuemath Method
→ The results speak for themselves. In 3 to 6 months, students consistently do better in school, perform better on competitive exams, and show an increase in confidence, as well as aptitude skills.


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