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CEO Manan kumar interview with CNBC


Jan13, 2021

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Cuemath is an active online platform for students where both students and teachers participate in an interactive discussion. Cuemath program focuses on teaching math the right way. 

important notes to remember
“At Cuemath, we try to bridge the learning gap, and our main vision is to build the child’s fundamental math learning ability.”

Mathematics is a very logical subject. It’s a framework of the mind. If it’s taught to a child in the right way, there’s no reason why he/she won’t fall in love with math. A mathematical mindset helps in analyzing and dealing with new situations. 

Cuemath's program focuses on logical thinking and reasoning instead of rote learning. Cuemath encourages students to build algorithms and mental models. 

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Cuemath training

In the CueMath Leap program, we believe that teaching math should happen interestingly and engagingly.

We give special attention to finding the right talent to join our team of teachers.

We have highly trained teacher partners who engagingly conduct the classes using the Cuemath method, which is a unique method designed so that it ensures every student gets learning outcomes. Teachers are trained not to give the answer upfront.

Teacher Partners also conduct demo sessions for prospective parents and students showcasing the Cuemath program.

The training components for prospective teachers include online modules that cover the aspects of the Cuemath learning system, teaching philosophy, and the best practices for class conduction and gathering enrolments for the center.

We have assessment tests at the end of each module to ensure that the teacher trainees have understood the modules properly.

We make sure that our teacher partners are well equipped to make learning math a fun activity using proper visualizations and reasoning behind concepts.

The curriculum of the Cuemath Leap program is designed by experts having immense experience in the field. 

Cuemath: The sophisticated after school math learning program

Manan interview with CNBC


CNBC had a chat with the CEO and founder of Cuemath, Manan Khurma about the Cuemath Program. Manan explained the business model of Cuemath while highlighting how more than 2000 women across the country were embracing the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many children by becoming Cuemath Teachers.

Apart from this, the video also showcases Cuemath Teacher Priyanka Maidh’s Cuemath Center. The ease with which she assists her students is seen here and the students seem to enjoy their class.

By teaching around 3 hours a day and teaching around 8 kids at a time, Priyanka Maidh is able to put to use her highly qualified skills.

Like Priyanka, many women in India take a break from their jobs in order to spend quality time with their family and raising their children.

They can now easily begin a math learning center at their homes by becoming certified Cuemath Teachers with complete training and support.

Now that Cuemath is getting acknowledged internationally, why don’t you sign up to become a Cuemath Teacher and join the proud movement towards excellent math education? Become a Teacher by clicking here.

Cuemath methodology 

In Cuemath, we create an online platform for the kids to grow and develop their mathematical skills.

We believe and lay our focus on a student-centered approach. Through our smart online live classes, we provide a platform for the students to participate enthusiastically while getting all the relevant knowledge of maths.

Here, teachers and students participate in a meaningful discussion. The role of the teacher is just to coach and facilitate student learning. There are different forms of assessment, group projects, and class participation.

We try to apply different approaches to teaching so that educators gain a better understanding of their class governance and connect with their students.


This blog mainly talks about why students need to opt for cuemath and its a good opportunity for the household women with math knowledge to start their career in cuemath and It also talks about the cuemath training and cuemath methodology and Mana interview with CNBC talking about to become cuemath teacher and how the cuemath encourage people from rural who are educated to use their knowledge in a productive way.

The reason Cuemath is effective

  • Children learn by reasoning
  • Visual, Pictorial, and then Abstract progression for all concepts.
  • One on one interaction. No peer pressure.
  • Just the right level of challenge.
  • Cueing. No telling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How good is Cuemath?

The overall experience of the platform is really good. It is very stable and user friendly. Easy to use compared to other such platforms. The Curriculum, carefully designed to bring the best out of kids is the best part of Cuemath with everything built around it.

How to become a teacher in Cuemath?

First, one has to complete an online job application form. Shortlisted applicants need to register for training by paying the fee for an electronic writing pad. Then the applicant has to go through the training courses and pass the necessary assessment tests to get certified. No prior teaching experience is required.

How Cuemath works?

Cuemath has programs for math and coding for students of grades 1-10. Students can request a demo session to check out the Cuemath classroom and learning experience. Once enrolled, students have live interactive online classes personalized to their needs. Proper attention is given to each student as the batch size is small, and the doubts get cleared instantly.

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