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Cuemath Mastermind Contest

July 22, 2020

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Cuemath, in association with The Hindu Young World, is launching the Cuemath Mastermind Contest and it begins in Chennai!

The Cuemath Mastermind Contest is a 2 level test that will assess, nurture, encourage and reward math talent.

The first level is a paper based Diagnostic test which helps identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses and assesses appropriate interventions needed to support a child’s further growth. This test will be conducted across 75 schools in Chennai. More than 40,000 students will appear for this test. The Diagnostic Test, determines a child’s math skills based on two parameters.

  • School math: to assess the child’s grasp of the school curriculum
  • Ability: to assess the child’s aptitude to think analytically and out of the box.

The Diagnostic test results will provide useful insights into the child’s performance and potential. Winners and runners up in each grade will get to participate in an inter-school quiz. All participants will be given certificates. Medals will be given to winners at the school level and attractive prizes will be awarded to winners at the city level Cuemath Mastermind Contest.

Diagnostic Test Format:

  • It is grade-wise and paper-based with OMR answer sheets
  • It is 40 minutes long for each grade from Std 1 to 8
  • It is administered at no cost
  • It has two sections namely, Part 1: School Math and Part2: Ability.

The Cuemath Mastermind Contest is going live in October.

Let’s wait with baited breath for the city level quiz where students will tackle math problems head on and emerge as winners.

Cuemath will be coming to many more cities with the Cuemath Mastermind Contest, so prepare your children to face the fun side of math!

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