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Cuemath Mission 40: Growing your center to 40+ students in 2016

What is the Mission 40?

Growing all our Cuemath centers to 40 students.

Cuemath is striving to help the children across India love math. For this, we are enabling our 1000+ centers with the latest technology to engage kids with the concepts and also make our teachers grow both professionally and personally. In our mission to bring kids closer to math, we have rolled out a few strategies that will boost your enrollments and help you gain momentum as a Cuemath teacher.

The Cuemath Team’s agenda for the next few months is simple:

  1. Build an unbeatable, world-class math learning system
  2. Grow your center to 40+ students
  3. Establish your center as the best math learning avenue in your locality.

Vaishali Purov our Cuemath teacher from Mumbai has already enrolled 40 students at her center. We are as thrilled as she is about this achievement and want to congratulate her for this!

Vaishali has just started the trend of cracking the Mission 40 and we’re waiting for many more teacher to achieve this! We also know a lot of you teachers are almost there, so let’s join hands together and work towards achieving this mission to bring many more kids closer to loving math!

How do we make this possible? Well, we help every Cuemath teacher with a few strategies that are currently being pursued;

  1. Cuemath Quiz

This is a low-investment, easy-to-conduct open event that will enable you to spread massive awareness about your center within your society in a short span of time. Some teachers have added tens of students by doing just one quiz event. Typical attendance in a quiz event: 40-50 students and their parents.

Contact your growth manager for any further assistance

  1. Kiosk event

Kiosks can be put up in societies, event/exhibition or strategic area (near a park, school, store). We will equip you with all the necessary items to carry out a smooth interaction with parents and students alike. You may also request Cuemath teachers close to your locality to help you out.  This is a great opportunity for you to show off your association with Cuemath and obtain a lot of leads as well as enrollments.

Contact your growth manager to know more details.

  1. Cuemath Parent Workshop

Sometimes, you might feel parents would be better convinced about the program if they spoke with the Cuemath team directly. We’ve now started offering this support as well! The Cuemath Parent Orientation is a recurring event where you can invite parents to your center to interact online with the Cuemath Team directly. We will be more than happy to schedule a convenient time for the parent orientation.

Contact your growth manager to fix a meeting.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your Mission 40 and we’ll help you with the rest!

Be the difference that our country needs today!

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