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24 November 2020

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Introduction to Cuemath Philosophy

Cuemath is an active online platform for students. It is student-oriented where students and teachers participate in an informative discussion. 

Here, we believe that math is a life skill. The students are encouraged to learn mathematics by reasoning so that they have strong conceptual knowledge and retain their math skills for life.

We create an online platform for the kids to grow and develop their mathematical skills.

Cuemath empowers students by reasoning and visual representation

It empowers students to learn math by reasoning and visual representation instead of memorizing it.

Here in Cuemath, we try to deploy student-oriented teaching facilities on an online platform for mathematics.

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Our learning system is designed with the aim of ensuring that students develop better and an extensive understanding of concepts of mathematics while being engaged and enthusiastic. Some of our highlights are:

  • Use of Visual Models
  • Intermingling of Concepts
  • Use of different Question Formats
  • Practice and homework

The curriculum has been designed by graduates from IITs, IIMs, Harvard and Cambridge. 

important notes to remember
“The Cuemath curriculum focuses on making math a fun subject, which in turn makes learning fun.”

 The curriculum has 3 parts: We cover all math concepts across all boards – CBSE, ICSE, State Board and international boards through math workbooks.

There are different forms of assessment, group projects, and class participation in Cuemath classes.

How do you learn Multiplication at Cuemath?

When we ask a six or seven year old kid what is 12 x 4, they often say they have not yet done the table of 12. But they do know the table of 4 and depressingly they don't recognize that 12 x 4 is not the same as 4 x 12. 

table of 12 and 4                      table of 4 and 12

They have learnt multiplication as poem recitation and not as the algorithm of Repeated Addition.

Cuemath teachers introduce multiplication as repeated addition. 

important notes to remember
"The four basic arithmetic operations form the building blocks for the other math concepts."

It is important that before teaching multiplication, children should be familiar with the following skills:

  • Children should be able to count properly
  • They should understand basic addition and subtraction

Multiplication should be introduced using objects in the beginning.

After the idea of multiplication using objects, dot arrays can be introduced to strengthen this idea.

Multiplication using objects, multiplication in real life

Multiplication tables can be built using dot arrays. Understanding this would make the retention of tables easier.

Read more about multiplication and download grade wise worksheets on Multiplication: Repeated Addition

What are the disadvantages of Blackboard Method?

  • Broadcasting lectures, or presentations, or videos to a student audience of 30, is simply ineffective. Students become passive.
  • Students are listening to something at a pace which doesn’t always match their learning pace.
  • At the same time, in large classes there is no time for one-to-one interactions and explanations.

disadvantages of blackboard teaching, student bored

No wonder students either struggle to keep up or simply get bored. Of all subjects, this has the most detrimental effect on Math. 

important notes to remember
"Unlike history or geography where the focus is largely on gathering knowledge, math is conceptual."

How do you learn fractions at Cuemath?

When we ask an eight or nine year old kid what is \(1/2 +1/4\), many of them answer \(2/6\)  and not \(3/4\)


wrong fraction

It is because their blackboard lesson hasn’t taught them what a fraction really is, A part of a Whole

important notes to remember
“Visualization is the best way to teach and learn fractions. ”

It builds an understanding of fractions as a concept and builds intuition.

Different manipulatives can also be used which helps in visualizing fractions as a part of a whole like using shapes, stripes and number lines.

Read more on Fractions and learn the tips and tricks on Fraction Tips and Tricks

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Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning

The evolution of newer technologies like data science will bring a renewed emphasis on Mathematics.

Mathematical reasoning, on the other hand, helps individuals build mathematical critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Mathematical reasoning is a critical skill which enables students to analyze a given hypothesis without any reference to a particular context or meaning. When Mathematics is not learned by reasoning, there's a heavy price to pay. 

Here's the 2017 National Achievement Survey


On an average, children’s math ability goes down by a staggering 20+ percent points over five years.

Do children lose intelligence as they grow up? NO 

Math is not our average “subject”. Math is the language of thinking and problem-solving. We only become proficient at a language only by conversing confidently, not by memorising a dictionary. 

Math is not about memorising formulae. Math is more about;

  • Logic
  • Constructing Mental Models
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Reasoning
important notes to remember
"We are always doing math to solve problems, consciously or otherwise. This is why Math is not a subject, but a life skill." 

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We hope that you have an idea about how concepts are taught and what philosophy is followed by Cuemath and Cuemath teachers.

Some of our highlights are:

  • Use of Visual Models
  • Intermingling of Concepts
  • Use of different Question Formats
  • Practice and homework

Cuemath constantly engages and involves the students so that they themselves wish to learn math concepts. Go ahead, give the Cuemath way of learning a try!

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Know more about the Cuemath fee here, Cuemath Fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Cuemath Program?

Cuemath curriculum focuses on making math learning fun. ... Tab based math games to increase the mental aptitude. These fun exercises challenge your child's accuracy and speed while also building their mathematical aptitude.

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