The Cuemath Quiz in Chennai

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The Cuemath Quiz in Chennai

The Cuemath quiz is making an impact all over the country with its interesting format and ever energetic Cuemath teachers. After Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune etc. the Cuemath quiz came to Chennai and was a huge success.

Team Cuemath Chennai organized a Cuemath quiz on 3rd July at the Odyssey Bookstore, Chennai. Being a weekend, the team was confident and geared up for a long and eventful day at the heart of the city.


Cuemath aims to make every child great at math and after seeing a registration of more than 200 students, we know that we’re on the right track!

12 Cuemath teachers from Chennai worked tirelessly to bring in the big number of registrations. Registrations at Odyssey for the quiz began a week prior to the event and this also added up to the numbers. The quiz saw students who were already part of Cuemath and also many who were not.


Around 150 parents attended the event and we’re proud to say that Cuemath made an impact on them as well. Parents were engaged with a separate session which was both interactive and informative. Most of them found difficulty in answering certain questions.

These questions actually test one on math basics and strong foundation. However, the confusion that the parents faced followed by the immediate realization of the simplicity of the questions was an eye-opener to many.

In all ways, the Cuemath quiz was a fun event and prizes worth Rs. 10,000 were won by the students.


The event was enlightening to both parents and students where they realized how important strong basics in math are.

With many more quizzes in the pipeline, students all over the country can participate and show off their math skills in front of a crowd.

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