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Winners of the rewards for target setting challenge

Winners of the rewards for target setting challenge

November 22, 2018

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This challenge was released to Cuemath teacher community in the third week of October and received a great response. Here are the results –

Winner: Usha Srinivasan, Thane

cuemath member

Usha M’am has customised our beloved game show Kaun Banega Crorepati into Kaun Banega Cuemath Crorepati using a system of Cuemath stickers and points.

More details about her system are available at:

Special mention for Innovation: Meenakshi Aggarwal

Meenakshi M’am has created a lead board in the classroom. But most importantly she has integrated the rewards system with classroom rules and regularly updates parents on the child’s’ progress.

Special mention for Impact: Yatheesha Ramesh, Chennai

Yatheesha M’am has used a hall of fame to promote regularity, worksheet completion and CR card streaks amongst her students and the results have been super. All students in her class have achieved 100% CR card completion within a month of implementing this approach!

Special mention for Scalability: Parvathy NV, Chennai

Parvathy M’am has divided her batches into teams to create excitement in her classroom. This simple practice can be implemented by any CTP with ease and is assured to improve both student engagement and learning outcomes in the Cuemath classroom.

Details of reward systems used by these teachers –

Meenakshi Aggarwal, Navi Mumbai: She has created a lead board and every day she awards 1 star each for:

points table


  •     Coming on time
  •     Regular to class
  •     Doing math gym and IMO
  •     Waiting for your turn/patience
  •     Solving the puzzle card at home / making a creative approach
  •     Helping peers
  •     Target setting
  •     Not making silly mistakes


Her innovation here is to include behavioural aspects like punctuality, patience and kindness in her reward system. These behaviours not only prepare students for the life ahead but also contribute to their learning outcomes. Additionally, she shares the lead board with parents every week !

Then at the end of the month, she gives the following rewards –

  •     Monthly math games
  •     Birthday celebrations with handmade cards
  •     Personal appreciation for every achievement

Meenakshi M’am mentions that she has observed improvements in her students, after deploying these strategies. One of her students, Kaushal used to get a score of 17-18 in math gym and she continuously appreciated his effort and in a few weeks, he has started scoring 40+ ! Similarly, Aditya was always late in class but has become punctual after introducing this system. Isn’t that something?

hall of hame

Yatheesha Ramesh, Chennai: She started using this HALL OF FAME at her centre which greatly motivated the students. She included attendance, workbook completion and CR cards (streak of 6) in her Hall of Fame which she updates every fortnight. She also selects a star of the week using the above information. Her initiative has been extremely impactful:

  •     This has encouraged her students to be regular to class
  •     Students who were slow at completing worksheets have picked up the pace and started finishing their targets
  •     100% CR card completion with the correct answers

And all of this has happened in just a month! Yatheesha M’am excitedly adds, “It really works!”

stars for the individual team

Parvathy NV, Chennai: She has created her own reward system to keep students in her class motivated to finish their targets. She has divided the students in two teams and gives them daily targets in the worksheets. These targets are based on the difficulty of the questions and the number of calculations involved. The targets for math gym, tab exercises and puzzle cards are also included in this system.

On completing the targets, students win stars for their respective team! The team with the highest aggregate score wins the competition at the end of a month. Teams motivate the students and they support and push each other to grow and complete their targets.

This is a simple exercise which you can integrate with any reward system – just make teams and see what happens.

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