Cuemath Teacher Convention Delhi Nancy Sharma

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It could be that many of us are still flying high from the experience at the Cuemath Delhi Convention-2016.

The Cuemath Teacher Convention-2016 brought about a wave of enthusiasm & inspiration among the Cuemath teachers in North India. With more than 150 aspiring teachers, this event turned out to be one of the most informative sessions ever.

The event started off with a welcome note by the Head of Delhi NCR Operations, Mr.Himanshu Gupta and then the leaders of the Cuemath team, Mr. Manan Khurma ( CEO), Mr. Nikhil Pawar (Curriculum head) & Mr. Anushray Gupta (Chief Technology officer) also addressed us powerfully.

Manan explained the importance of understanding math fundamentals by sharing his experiences as a teacher and highlighted how a good teacher can modulate lives of many kids.

The demonstration of the significance of analytical thinking in one’s life, by Nikhil Pawar was not only encouraging but also made us proud of being part of a revolutionary program.

Mr. Anushray Gupta was very illuminative when he sharing insights about the technical component of our program. He also touched upon the upcoming features to be incorporated in the tab applications.

A group song (DARE TO BELIEVE….) dedicated to Cuemath by our teachers was amazing. All the more, it made the atmosphere electric & filled the air with love & inspiration.

Ms.Nruthya, Head of Business Development at Cuemath, touched the hearts of all the teachers with her positive approach towards life & work. She spoke about how women were capable of growth despite any situation and this was enough to motivate us all.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Himanshu for being awesome throughout and encouraging me to share my work experience, tips & tricks with all the co-teachers.

It was really inspiring to see the enthusiasm and determination in the ladies who came all the way from Punjab & UP (Meerut) to attend the meet. Hats off to teachers like Amandeep maam (mother of a 25 year old) who proved that age should never stop us from achieving anything we want. But she also added that, we must be dedicated teachers.

I am extremely grateful to the Cuemath team for making everyone feel like a part of a big family. We’re glad that we could share a meal together and interact in a fun way. Here’s to moulding the lives of many more young children across the nation.


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