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Being a Cuemath teacher makes me feel alive now!

“Being a Cuemath teacher makes me feel alive now!”

July 6, 2016

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Marriage in itself is a big change in a woman’s life. Moving from Jodhpur to Bengaluru after marriage would probably lead to an identity crisis right? Our Cuemath teacher Priyanka braved all this and has emerged as a wonderful teacher in the face of adversity.

Mrs. Priyanka Maidh has her roots in Jodhpur which is where she completed her education. She was the topper in her MBA batch and had the highest score in the Finance department. She then went ahead as an Economics teacher in her own college for around a year, after which she got her first corporate landing with Vodafone in Jaipur. Priyanka worked with Vodafone also for around a year.

Post marriage, Priyanka shifted to Bengaluru and decided to take up a job in the HR field. She worked with Samcomm technologies and Artech Inforsystems for a total of 4 years. In 2011, when Priyanka had her baby, she decided to take a break from the work-life to take care of her son.

cuemath teacher with her students

“I find it very difficult to stay at home all the time so I decided to get back to work in 2013.”

However, Priyanka soon realised that working full time with a baby waiting at home was difficult especially when her office was around 40 km from home.

“It was a nightmare! That too in Bangalore where 2km takes half an hour due to traffic. I used to come back really late and decided that I couldn’t do it anymore!”

She quit her job and looked forward to being a home-maker. However, Priyanka began to get restless soon and since she didn’t have much to do, she got really frustrated with everything around her.

She laughs now when she remembers those days,

“I began questioning my purpose in life. Something was wrong with me because I’m used to working and balancing my life.”

cuemath teacher with her students

Priyanka then decided that she wanted to work from home but didn’t know how to go about that. That’s when she found Cuemath’s opportunity on Facebook and decided to give it a try.

“I found Cuemath in August and got certified as a teacher in December. Cuemath was something new at that time so I had to spend quite some time explaining to parents about the program.”

So how did she manage to get her first student without knowing Kannada or having any contacts?

“I used to go to a nearby garden in the evenings when children would play and handed them pamphlets. I spoke to them and asked them to give the pamphlets to their parents.”

Well, that’s something new. Priyanka further explains that she always highlighted two points in the pamphlet, one being her contact number and the other being the website of Cuemath.

“If they don’t see anything else, atleast they’ll remember the name and google it sometime right?”

cuemath teacher with her students

So how did she move on from there?

“Well, I made sure the students always had something to do and they liked the fact that they could learn by themselves.”

Priyanka says that if a child is interested in something, the parents are usually supportive but if they lose interest, then the parents also don’t pay much attention. So she strived to keep her students always interested.

“All of Cuemath material is extremely engaging, sometimes even I get interested in the questions.”

So how does Cuemath make her feel?

“I feel alive now because of Cuemath. Last year this time, I was a completely different person! All my students’ parents are completely happy with the program.

This kind of a program is giving a life to housewives all over”

Priyanka explains that she encourage other women too, to become teachers.

“When a woman is highly educated, she deserves to earn and be satisfied with her job. Teaching is a brilliant way to motivate students. After all, we are also involved in shaping their lives.

And with Cuemath, we don’t even need to teach the students because everything is simple and easy to understand and they do it on their own.

Financially, Cuemath is a great avenue to earn and feel proud of our income as well!”

cuemath teacher with her students

The conversation ended on a happy note where Priyanka happily announced that she was expecting two more students to join her classes that day.

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