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Is every Cuemath teacher a math expert?


Not necessarily. Cuemath’s math learning program is designed to be self-paced and activity based. So, the role of a teacher is to engage the children and motivate them to learn through reasoning and thinking. Having said that Cuemath’s teachers are required to clear a math-based test to ensure that they have adequate knowledge of the math concepts until grade 8.

It does not take a math expert to use Cuemath method:

  • 45% of the applicants with a degree in mathematics and 37% of the applicants with a post-graduation in mathematics get rejected as they fail the math test that Cuemath conducts for recruiting teachers.
  • Once recruited, Cuemath trains the teachers on using the Cuemath learning system and teaching method using the learning best practices.
  • Cuemath ensures accurate delivery of the program using the tools and teaching method using various quality parameters to maintain the high learning outcomes
Cuemath assessment for teacher applicants

While it is not a very complex assessment, Cuemath’s math aptitude test is designed to test the applicants’ ability to apply their math knowledge and solve problems using critical thinking skills.

The assessment requires:

  • Questions on math concepts learned between KG and 8th grade
  • Application-based questions that require quick thinking and problem-solving ability
Math training

Cuemath teachers learn math formally as well as on the job. Here are some ways Cuemath teachers refresh their math knowledge in each concept before it is taught to the students in the class.

  1. Cuemath trains its teachers on very important math concepts such as Algebra and Geometry, which help them refresh their knowledge on these math concepts while learning Cuemath way of teaching them
  2. Cuemath workbooks have specific pages dedicated to the teachers, to help them prepare for it.
  3. The teachers, along with the students get exposed to the learning tools and become experts in K-8 math concepts by virtue of teaching them on a regular basis
Cuemath training method

Students learn using multiple formats and each child is offered a personalized learning plan for improved learning outcomes. This requires the teachers not to follow the traditional broadcast methods but, they should help children set their own targets and help them achieve those targets.

So, the training focuses more on:

  • Classroom management, and strategies to motivate students to complete the learning targets.
  • Facilitation skills to cue the students and help them get to the answer for each question on their own, which allows them to form mental models and retain the concepts.
  • The nuances of using cuemath learning tools for best learning outcomes
Frequent monitoring and feedback

Weekly tracking and reporting of teacher and student level performance with actionable insights. These same insights help us monitor the learning progress and take necessary actions to maintain the program quality.

  • Weekly reports sent to the teachers on the progress of the previous 4 weeks, for learning trends.
  • Parents are updated with the student progress, real-time via an Android/iOS app where parents can see the details of what the child is learning at the moment.
  • Monthly reports and parent-teacher meetings offer a chance for teachers and parents to co-opt and help the students learn better.
  • There are interventions designed to help children who are falling behind on their learning pace, to help them get back on track. These interventions are shared with the teachers and the execution is closely monitored for intended results

To conclude:

  • Not all teachers are math experts; however, they are recruited only after proving the adequacy of their conceptual knowledge.
  • All teachers are trained on math topics as well as classroom management to ensure the program quality is maintained.
  • There are detailed monitoring and feedback processes built to observe the program quality and help ensure learning outcomes

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