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Chennai has always amazed us with the response of the Cuemath teachers during every event. It therefore is no surprise that we have eight passionate teachers from this city who increased the number of enrolments in their centres during the challenge.

Gomathi S: Enrolled six students

Gomathi believes that most of the parents who approached her were genuinely worried about the current education system. She has seen first hand how most teachers in schools are put under tremendous pressure to perform. Most of them do not have the experience to handle a full class and in the end, the students suffer and lack conceptual clarity. Gomathi’s son who previously had trouble with learning, is now a happy student in her class. She promotes this change to other parents who come to her for help and they willingly agree to send their children to her class.

Devipraba Ravi: Enrolled five students

Devipraba often visited the children’s park near her house during the weekends. This way, she met a lot of parents and promoted her Cuemath centre. She would always invite them to her house for a cup of tea and show them how Cuemath helps children with its varied format of learning. She made use of that time to also give a demo of the math box and realised that most of them did not know such aids would help in learning math. Devipraba works hard to set the right expectations with the parents and then ensures that their children are well catered to.

Saranya Kothandaraman: Enrolled five students

Saranya started off her centre with a bang. She made sure that all the children in her society were invited to her Centre Launch and personally invited their parents too. She realised that a lot of parents enjoyed the event as much as their children and then educated them about the Cuemath program. She managed to solve some valid concerns that the parents had, like how Cuemath would help children from different educational boards etc. She happily resolved all their queries and enrolled five students this way. Saranya works hard to retain the existing students while also enrolling new ones.

Mohamed Shamiha: Enrolled five students

Mohamed got her five enrolments from a parent workshop that she conducted. She addressed concerns of the parents who attended and worked to increase their confidence. Once they were convinced, she handled her students effortlessly and worked to alleviate their fear in math and bring in more understanding of the subject. Today, she feels that her progress with her students helps her in getting more new enrolments.

Srilakshmidevi: Enrolled five students

Srilakshmidevi conducted a Parent Workshop and a Cuemath Quiz. She received a lot of leads from that and followed up diligently. She understands from most parents that their children lack clarity on the basics of math and this is what she strives to do. She has helped many of her students understand math and now, they enjoy doing math at home by themselves. Srilakshmidevi is proud and happy with the response she receives from her students.

Nandhini Muthu: Enrolled five students

Nandhini set up a kiosk in her community and also conducted a quiz. Once the leads visited her house, she would stress that her Cuemath centre was not like regular tuition centres. The she gave them a demo. As per her interactions, she feels that nowadays most parents look for clarity in basics than marks. This helped her explain the Cuemath learning system in a way that captured their attention and she received five enrolments in her centre. With her dedication, she has won the trust of her students and their parents and is happily preparing her students for the future.

Nirupama Sriram: Enrolled five students

Nirupama invited her Cuemath students’ friends along with their parents and educated them about Cuemath. From her experience, she says that most of the parents she meets, want their children to be thorough in their basics so that they perform well in school. Taking this into consideration, Nirupama tells them all about how Cuemath is presenting the basics of math to children and helping them build on it. She also ensures that she gives the children a first hand experience of the Cuemath Learning System and they enjoy every minute of it with her.

Dhanalakshmy S: Enrolled four students

Dhanalakshmy has had a mix of parents who want conceptual clarity and result oriented parents coming to her centre. She made sure that she interacted with each of them individually and built a formidable relationship with them. Now they trust her with their children’s math education and always voice their satisfaction with the Cuemath Learning System. This in turn makes her a happy and proud Cuemath teacher who constantly pushes herself to excel.

That’s an incredible effort by the Cuemath teachers in Chennai. Let’s hear what the winners from other cities have to say here.

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