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In the region of Delhi/NCR, eight Cuemath teachers have performed well in the challenge and deserve recognition.

Pooja Arun Kumar: Enrolled seven students

She believes that learning and teaching go in tandem. She endorsed Cuemath with a lot of conviction after listening to the problems that most parents face. According to her, most children are used to being spoon-fed in school which makes them lazy when it comes to practising math. Pooja loves to teach and has always harboured a passion to work in the education field. Today, she lives this passion as a proud Cuemath teacher.

Manpreet Kaur: Enrolled six students

She made use of her launch event to get the maximum number of enrolments. She is of the opinion that the current education system complicates math to children. Their logic suffers as a result of this. With her newly opened Cuemath centre, she aims to enrol more students and work on these gaps.

Deepti Burman: Enrolled four students

She believes that involving parents right from the beginning is the key to gaining their confidence. She invites parents to her Cuemath Experience Sessions and gives them a demo of the worksheets, tab exercises and the puzzle cards. She also explains how such varied formats help students enhance their conceptual understanding of the subject. Deepti works hard to help her students build a strong foundation in math.

Pakhi Kejriwal: Enrolled four students

Pakhi says that her centre grew because her students enjoyed learning with Cuemath and therefore, suggested it to their friends as well. She feels happy when her students begin to think mathematically and confidently. She believes that she too has grown as a Cuemath teacher and people in her locality have started to recognize her as a Cuemath Teacher.

Stuti Khandelwal: Enrolled four students

Like Pakhi, Stuti also believes that word-of-mouth branding helped her grow her centre. She sets high targets for herself and makes sure that she enrols students after giving them and their parents a thorough experience of the Cuemath program. Today, she enjoys her new role as a teacher and helps her students improve their knowledge in math.

Priya Mand: Enrolled four students

Priya made use of her experience sessions to throw light on how Cuemath focuses on building a strong math foundation in children. She stresses on the importance of the basics rather than on exam scores. In her opinion, most parents also agree with the fact that math has to be learnt as a skill rather than as a subject. They also show interest in preparing their children for competitive exams like the IMO.

Aruna Prasanthi: Enrolled four students

Aruna followed up on her leads diligently. She believes in quality education and says that once parents get an idea of what quality education is, they too get aligned with her vision. Aruna feels happy to share her knowledge with her students and also helps many of them build their confidence to face real life problems.

Priya Garg: Enrolled three students

Priya educated parents about the gaps that are left by schools and got most of her enrollments this way. Many parents expressed concern over lack of concentration in their children. Priya then showed them how the varied format of Cuemath engages children and helps them learn in a better way.   

Well, the Cuemath teachers in Delhi have spoken, take a look at what the winners from other cities have to say here.

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