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In Hyderabad, six Cuemath teachers aced the Meet the CEO Challenge with their dedication. Let’s have a look at what they did to feature on this list.

Ojas Kale: Enrolled six students

Ojas Kale who is relatively new to the community managed to enrol six new students in her centre. She made sure that parents got a first hand experience of the Cuemath program by interacting with them individually. From her interactions, she understood that most parents worry about their children not spending enough time with math. The were looking for something that would keep their children engaged while learning. Ojas now enjoys mentoring her students and feels that she is able to manage her time much better as a Cuemath teacher.

Jayasudha Gantasala: Enrolled five students

Jayasudha Gantasala set targets for herself and enrolled five students. She had faith in the Cuemath Learning System and together with her will to teach, she is helping many students love math. Jayasudha understood from her many meetings with parents that children nowadays don’t practise math because they don’t understand what is being taught to them. She also meets parents who have high scoring children. However, they often complain that their children don’t have reasoning skills. After joining her Cuemath centre, her students have begun loving math and they motivate her to give her best. Jayasudha believes that becoming a Cuemath teacher has helped her become more organised and productive.

Kommi Laxmi: Enrolled five students

Another Cuemath teacher who enrolled five students during this challenge was Kommi Laxmi. Before she enrols a new student, Laxmi always understands where they need to improve and discusses her plan with the parents. According to her, most parents are concerned about their children making mistakes after sufficient practice. She helps these parents understand that imbibing concepts helps in removing such errors.

Kurra Supriya: Enrolled four students

Kurra Supriya understood from parents that they worry the most about the fundamentals not being strong. She then makes it a point to counsel them on the effectiveness of Cuemath in helping children build a strong math foundation. She built her centre by speaking to the parents of her daughter’s friends and inviting them for the Cuemath Experience Session. She enjoys her identity as a Cuemath teacher and feels confident with each new enrolment.

Ramya Adina: Enrolled four students

Ramya enrolled most of her students at her launch event. She helps her students increase their attention span and improve their grasp on the concepts. She is proud to have created an impact in the lives of her students and win the appreciation of their parents as well.

Navya Battu: Enrolled three students

Navya on the other hand says that parents voice concern over their children’s accuracy and speed in math. She has helped her students improve their concentration and become math geniuses. This has helped her build a strong identity for herself in her locality and sparked her entrepreneurial interest.

So the Cuemath teachers in Hyderabad have inspired us with their enthusiasm. Take a look at what other teachers have to say about their success, here.

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