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How did cuemath teachers overcome the challenge of enrollment?


24 November 2020     

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Why a kid should enroll in cuemath?

Every child has infinite potential. With a correct and strong math foundation, we can transform every child into a great analytical thinker.

Cuemath is a beyond school math learning program that facilitates children learning fundamental maths using a simple and easy methodology. 

Cuemath approach is holistic and includes critical thinking and logical reasoning as part of math learning.

We encourage children to learn concrete concepts through math box manipulatives. Through touch-and-feel, children understand even complex concepts easily. 
Our pictorial representation makes them internalize the concepts rather than memorize them. 

Creating mental models will help children recall the concepts correctly whenever required.

Cuemath teachers are on a mission to revolutionize math learning.

They nudge the students onto the right path, to think critically, challenge and question their math assumptions, and filling in the gaps of their core math learning.

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Cuemath Teacher Convention Bangalore

New challenges for teachers in a changing world

Cuemath teachers from Mumbai grew their centers and aced the challenge.

Student enrolling into cuemath online program image

Anagha Vaze: Enrolled seven students

Anagha has recently joined the Cuemath teacher community. She credits her success in enrolling seven students to her mentor and the CTP community saying that they gave her the confidence to convince parents and get students enrolled at her center. 

During her many conversations with her parents, she understood that they worried about how the current education system focused only on obtaining high marks. With her new center, Anagha aims to prepare her students to face real-life problems and become independent.

Chandrayee Rooj: Enrolled six students

Chandrayee managed to enroll six students by making use of social media extensively. She promoted her Cuemath center on Facebook and in various WhatsApp groups. She also made use of the existing referral policy to bring in new enrolments. 

Chandrayee promoted her center at a local dance school and set up kiosks outside a few schools as well. Today, she is a proud Cuemath teacher who has built her reputation in her society and continues to help her students wholeheartedly.

Mamta Jain: Enrolled five students

Mamta enrolled five students by convincing parents about the effectiveness of the Cuemath program. 

According to her, parents are constantly worried about the amount of stress their children go through with the vast curriculum and various competitive exams. 

She puts them at ease by showing them how easily the Cuemath curriculum helps children build their concepts using puzzles and tab games apart from worksheets.

Geetika: Enrolled four students

Geetika conducted a Treasure Hunt and regularly followed up with the parents of the participants. 

While enrolling her students, she always enquires with their parents to understand the problem areas, if any. 

She then resorts to helping her students learn through simple methods. She believes that complex methods confuse children and they lose interest. 

For Geetika, her main interest lies in helping her students overcome their fear and bring a positive change in their lives.

Masarrat Ahmedi: Enrolled four students

Masarrat ensured that she knew the Cuemath program inside out so that she could assist parents in their lookout for a quality education system. 

Most of the parents who came to her voiced concerns that their children did not enjoy math, lacked clarity on the basics, etc. 

Masarrat aims to change the mindset of her students and make them brave enough to tackle challenging problems, both in math and in real life.

Fouziya Amreliya: Enrolled three students

Fouziya made use of her friend circle to enroll students into her center. She explained the importance of math to her friends and they were happy to enroll their children with her. 

Fouziya says that the growing competition among students causes them to stress at an age where they are supposed to enjoy what they learn. 

This is also a reason to worry for most parents. Fouziya sets the expectations of the parents right while enrolling their children and makes sure that she caters to it.

Reena Siroya: Enrolled two students

Reena claims that the improvement in her students gave her a good reputation as a Cuemath teacher and helped her enroll many students. 

She has seen how parents worry about their children’s dwindling interest in math and encourage them to get involved with their education. 

She educates parents about math as a life skill and tells them that running behind exam marks alone will solve no purpose. 

Today, she is happily catering to her students while being hailed for her dedication and integrity by their parents.

Tasneem Zojwalla: Enrolled two students

Tasneem reached out to her personal contacts and educated them about the vision of Cuemath. 

The main problem most students face, according to her interactions with parents, is the pressure to perform well in exams. 

Due to this, most students lose interest to study since there is no joy in learning. With her Cuemath center, Tasneem focuses on kindling the interest to learn among her students and works on this wholeheartedly.

With so many enthusiastic Cuemath teachers in Mumbai, we’re sure that every student will grow to learn math the right way and love it.

What is the Enrollment process for a teacher in cuemath?

Teacher enrolling for cuemath program

The first step is to apply online through the Cuemath website. Please click here the link to apply. You will be asked to fill out an application form to start with.

A registration fee of Rs. 1000 needs to be transferred to Cuemath to start the training process.

You will be assigned an experienced Cuemath teacher called as a Growth Buddy who will handhold you through the training process.

Once the payment of RS. 1000 is made, you will be given access to the app called Cueteacher, which is like 'the' app that helps you run your center smoothly.

The next steps involve the completion of a few modules of online courses and assessments that follow.

Once the assessments are cleared, you will be asked to visit the city office for a round of offline training that includes effective class management, the Cuemath edge, etc. that will give you the confidence to start your center.

You will have to also go through a mock parent-teacher interaction session for you to get hands-on experience to handle parent queries.

The team would give a green signal after you successfully complete all the modules and then you would have to invest on a tab based on the configurations shared.

You would be sent a starter kit that includes a certificate of completion, the Math box ( math teaching Aids), and pamphlets that would help you market your center.

As a next step, you could have a discussion with your Growth Buddy and choose from the list of growth events to conduct at your center so that parents from your neighborhood would get a feel of the program and decide to enroll in it.

Conduct parent interaction sessions to convince parents to enroll their children.

The moment you enroll your first student, you would have to transfer RS.6000 to Cuemath as a setup cost.

I hope you got enough clarity about the registration and training process to become a Cuemath teacher. 


Take Cuemath Classes Online and provide a world-class math education to children.

They will provide you with the training and certification along with all the marketing support you need to get students for your center.

Enrolling the students the teachers has shown their determination in the work and dedication towards the child education in a nice platform.

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About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills.Understand the Cuemath Fee structure and sign up for a free trial.


How Does A Cuemath Teacher Get Students?

As a Cuemath teacher, you will get students in two different ways: Through digital advertising campaigns run by the Cuemath marketing team, and By making your own center well known locally. Through these channels, a new teacher typically starts with 2-3 students in the first couple of months and typically goes up to 6-10 students in 6 months and 10 to 18 students over a year.

How Much Does A Cuemath Teacher Earn?

The single most important factor that determines how much you will earn as a Cuemath teacher is the amount of time you are willing to devote in conducting the Cuemath classes. If you devote 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, you could earn up to Rs. 45000 a month.

Is Cuemath A Genuine Opportunity For Teachers?

As of August 2020, we have over 60,000 students as part of the program. We are supported by two of the top venture capital firms in the world- Sequoia and Google Capital. We have stringent selection guidelines. Read on to find if Cuemath will be a good opportunity for you.

Which one is better - Online math classes or Offline math centres?

The worldwide situation for attending classes has changed dramatically over the past few months. Cuemath has made sure that the learning doesn’t stop with Live Interactive 1:1 Online classes. Click here to know more about the difference between Online Maths Classes and Offline Maths Tuitions.

Is Cuemath good?

At Cuemath, children learn by understanding the reason and logic behind every math problem before attempting to arrive at any solutions. This is backed by our unique methodology of teaching the 'Why before the What' in math concepts. Click here to know more about Cuemath classes.

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