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Cuemath teachers in Pune were an enthusiastic bunch during the challenge. It therefore isn’t a surprise that seven of them have topped the list and deserve an applause.

Jyoti Mulchandani: Enrolled six students

Jyoti enrolled six students during the challenge. She introduced parents to the Cuemath Learning System and told them how the program is self paced and personalised. This, she says helped them understand that the entire curriculum will keep their child’s best interest at the centre. Jyoti is determined to help her students get their concepts clear and to bring a revolutionary change in their lives

Radha Mundada: Enrolled six students

Radha also enrolled six students by talking to parents individually and giving them a demo of what the Cuemath program is like. She made sure that each child got a hands-on experience of the Learning System. She understands that most parents look for something that will help their children build logical and reasoning skills. Radha is very ambitious and works hard to bring a positive change in the lives of her students.

Jasmin Patel: Enrolled five students

Jasmin enrolled 5 students using two strategies. Once the Parent Workshop was done, she sent out messages of “limited seats” to the parents and allowed the first batch of students to decide a time of their convenience. This way, she got a good number of enrolments. Jasmin has noticed that most parents believe in the need for an after school program to help their children build the basics. She dedicates her time as a teacher in helping her students build a strong foundation in math.

Ramika Shrivastava: Enrolled three students

Ramika focused more on retention and her efforts paid off! Her existing students were so happy in her class that she got new enrolments via parent referrals. In her two years of experience as a Cuemath teacher, Ramika has seen that parents worry about basic conceptual clarity among their children. She on her part assures the parents of improvement in their children and works hard with them to achieve this.   

Kalyani Shukla: Enrolled three students

Kalyani invited parents to her house and showed them the elements of the Math Box. She also gave them a few puzzle cards to solve and explained how the Cuemath Learning System functions. Kalyani gets involved with her students and makes the classes as enjoyable as possible. She enjoys her role as a Cuemath teacher and believes in bringing a change in the mindset of her students.

Kajli Singhal: Enrolled three students

Kajli gave interested parents a thorough idea about the Cuemath Learning System. She helped them understand how the different facets of Cuemath work on children. She also stressed on how the program is self-paced and does not pressurize children into completing concepts in a stipulated time. Kajli found it easy to convince eager and broad-minded parents.

Radhika Subhedar: Enrolled two students

Radhika educates the parents on the importance of the “why-before-the-what” learning approach. She has met many parents who were worried about their child’s performance and explained how Cuemath helps children learn conceptually.

We’re really proud of our Cuemath teachers in Pune and we know for a fact that they will be inspirational to many. Check out what the winners in other cities have to say, here.

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