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Cuemath Teachers with the Power of Infinity

Cuemath Teachers with the Power of Infinity

January 30, 2019

cuemath teachers with the power of infinity

    ‘One child, One teacher, One pen, One book can change the world’- Malala Yousafzai

Our teachers are an integral part of the Cuemath family. They teach, prepare and nurture the young and curious minds of the country. Our teachers are not just teachers, they are our superheroes. Here are some of the most inspiring Cuemath teacher transformation stories:

The teacher who helped her students fall in love with math-

cuemath teacher

Cuemath has been an integral part of my life since April 2018. Prior to being a part of the Cuemath family, I used to be a math teacher, taking tuition classes since the past 5 years. Math has always been my favorite subject because it makes you realize that there is always a solution to all of life’s problems, and sometimes that solution is etched in something as a simple as a mathematical formula. Teaching gave me immense satisfaction. However, before joining Cuemath, I had a hard time changing the negative perception the children had about math being ‘Scary’. Although I could eventually help my students get out of that perception, I could not make them fall in love with the subject. There was something missing, that I could not provide through my tuition. Cuemath completed me as a person and empowers me to keep doing what I love, i.e teach math. Cuemath takes me one step closer in helping children fall in love with math.  -Parvathy N V, Coimbatore

Today, Parvathy continues to embark on her journey to make math fun for children helping them fall in love with the subject and eliminating the fear. We at Cuemath are truly lucky to have her with us.

Cuemath teachers love teaching. Changing the way children learn math to be more holistic, is one of their biggest missions. Our teachers make sure the students they teach understand math in a way that is fun and engaging at the same time. This brings us to our next teacher, whose love for teaching helped her grow exponentially as a teacher.

The life-changing decision-

cuemath teacher 3 years ago, Cuemath was nothing more than just a name for me but things are different now. Cuemath has now become an integral part of my life, dreams and aspirations. My journey as a Cuemath teacher started with a casual form fill up at a time when I was sad after leaving my teaching job. I never thought this would turn out to be the changing point of my life. I started my center with my daughter and two of her friends as my first Cuemath students. A few months later, I realized that my center wasn’t growing as well as it should. I attended a Cuemath stall in a carnival and realized that I needed to interact with the parents and clear the queries that they have about the way we teach. Soon after this, I dared to organize a Cuemath quiz in my society to increase awareness about Cuemath. My center started seeing stable growth. I organised a few more activities in my society with the help of the Cuemath team and eventually created a new identity for myself as a Cuemath teacher. Being a Cuemath teacher greatly helped me grow to be a better teacher and transformed me to the person I am.  -Jayati Saha, Pune

Today Jayati has over 25 students at her Cuemath center. She shifted her base from Hyderabad to Pune but did not stop working hard to help students learn math the right way.

Cuemath has not just changed the lives of teachers but also changed the lives of children and their parents who have enrolled themselves with the program, this brings us to the next story where a Cuemath parent embarked on her teaching journey.

The Cuemath parent to Cuemath teacher transformation-

cuemath teacher

I came to know about the Cuemath program back in 2016 from my friend who had just started her Cuemath journey as a teacher. I decided to enrol my daughter who was studying in UKG, looking at how well crafted their curriculum was prepared. As months kept going, I saw a tremendous improvement in her math skills.

After some time, I had to quit my job to take care of my daughter. I saw Cuemath as the perfect opportunity to start a different career. With the help of my friend, I joined the Cuemath family as a teacher. From that day onward, I have never looked back. I had always enjoyed math ever since my school days and used to love analytical problem-solving. I started my journey as a Cuemath teacher with 2 students and now I have 37 children learning math in my Cuemath center for Math Excellence. Moving from being a Cuemath parent to a Cuemath teacher has helped me explain the way the curriculum has been designed to other fellow parents. Despite working in the corporate world for most of my life, Cuemath has given me the job satisfaction and fulfillment I was always looking for. Cuemath has helped me grow professionally and personally. I am a proud CueParent and CueTeacher. -Anurekka Chinnakkannan,Chennai 

Today Anurekha is constantly growing her center of Math Excellence and is reaching new milestones in her journey of being a Cuemath teacher.

Have you ever felt the need to start a career in teaching? Look no further. At, Cuemath we are India’s largest network of math teachers who are dedicated to change the way math is taught – not just as a subject but as a life skill.

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