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How does Cuemath help women become creators of the future?


December 03, 2020

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Want to hear a woman's economic empowerment story?

Meet Ms. Garima, a well-educated, married woman who stays with her husband and daughter in Mumbai. 

A few years back, just after her daughter Riya was born, Ms. Garima left her job to concentrate on her baby and her family life.

importance of family and cildren for women

At that point, it was the most sensible decision to make – Ms. Garima wanted to be the perfect mother and pour her heart into looking after her baby full-time.

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As she became busier with family life, Ms. Garima realized that the decision to leave her job was the right one to make, because she would never have been able to give the kind of time to her family that she’d always wanted to give.

When did Ms. Garima find her calling?

However, by the time Riya turned three, Ms. Garima began to feel a void in her life – a void caused by the fact that she’d been out of work for two years. She started realizing that her academic and professional talent was not being utilized in any meaningful manner.

This lack of personal growth led to a subtle but growing frustration inside her – a frustration that had nothing to do with her perfectly happy family life.

Frustrated woman

Does this story sound familiar to you?

We’re sure it does because this is the story of millions of Indian women.

A large majority of Indian women decide to prioritize family life over personal growth after getting married or after having children.

While their commitment to family is commendable, these women – many of whom are very well-educated and intelligent – are unable to utilize their multi-faceted talent in any impactful manner beyond the family.

After the initial few busy years of married life or motherhood, these women find themselves at a loss to grow in any significant manner. 

So the women's economic empowerment takes a backseat.

Many harbor the desire to take up freelance assignments or work-from-home opportunities, but meaningful professional avenues in this context are limited.

How does Cuemath help women pave the way? 

One year back, Ms. Garima came across the opportunity to become a Cuemath Teacher.

The fit was perfect. Cuemath looks for well-educated ladies to become Cuemath Teachers and run math classes from home using the Cuemath learning system. Ms. Garima used to like math as a student.

And his was a perfect opportunity to work towards women's economic empowerment.

This, coupled with the fact that Cuemath would provide complete training as well as all learning materials, convinced her to give Cuemath a try.

Thus, Ms. Garima became a Cuemath Teacher, starting her home-based center with three children from the neighborhood.

fun activities

With three one-hour sessions per week to be with, Ms. Garima started off with very limited time investment.

As time progressed, she witnessed two transformations:

  • Because Cuemath has a very fundamental-oriented approach to math learning, her students were beginning to fall in love with math
  • Because of the impact, she was creating on her students, she was deriving more and more satisfaction from her classes

As word-of-mouth spread in her society about this novel and powerful approach to math learning. 

More and more parents started to approach Ms. Garima for enrolling their own children in her classes, and pretty soon, apart from building a significant income, she became quite well-known in her area as the best math teacher around.

Cuemath teachers help many students

This was all the more satisfying for Ms. Garima because she had no prior teaching experience!

That’s the vision of Cuemath – empowering well-educated women with a world-class delivery system for math learning – building an elite nation-wide community of Cuemath Teachers who will impact the future by creating a generation of smart and confident learners.

So, work towards a better future for women and their women's economic empowerment.

And all this without stepping out of their homes!


Today, more than 1000 ladies are successfully running Cuemath centers across the country.

Cuemath has actively worked towards women's economic empowerment.

If you are someone like Ms. Garima, we invite you to explore this opportunity further – which many of our teachers have referred to as the best work from home opportunity there is!

By the way, Ms. Garima is transforming – through math – the lives of more than 30 children today, including her own daughter Riya!

Three salutes!

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Know more about the Cuemath fee here, Cuemath Fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is it like to learn from a Cuemath teacher?

  • Kids approach math problems logically
  • Encouragement to ask math questions 
  • Make kids enjoy math instead of dreading it
  • They learning on their own and solve questions by themselves
  • The Cuemath techniques keep kids’ minds alert
  • Puzzle cards, logical questions are some of the features
  • Cuemath training lets kids learn math at their own pace and does not force anything on them unlike many other learning programs

How does Cuemath work towards women's economic empowerment?

Cuemath offers a Cuemath Teching program. You can know more about it on our website.

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