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Cuemath Treasure Hunt

July 22, 2020

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Cuemath is a favourite among Cuemath Students because it introduces math to them in a fun and engaging way. Cuemath believes that engaging children since a young age in “math-ful” events will actually make them learn to appreciate and love the subject.

Keeping this in mind, as part of Diwali celebrations, Cuemath organized the Cuemath Treasure Hunt across the nation, where children were guided to find “wealth”. A huge shoutout to all the Cuemath Teachers who conducted the event in their Cuemath Centers and helped make it a big success. All the children that took part in the Cuemath Treasure Hunt got their dose of adventure and fun with this.

More than 100 Cuemath Teachers conducted the Cuemath Treasure Hunt at their Cuemath Centers and registration was open to every child in their neighbourhood. From Bangalore, more than 500 students took part in the event. Mumbai had around 250+ students taking part and Pune had around 50+ participants. Even Chennai actively participated in the Cuemath Treasure Hunt with more than 70 participants in total.

treasure hunt

Cuemath Teacher Fazila Sultana from Bangalore conducted the Treasure Hunt for around 90 students! That’s a big number and shows how much dedication she put into ensuring that the kids in her neighbourhood understood math in a fun way.

Now, it’s been reiterated here that Cuemath approaches children with a fun math experience, but how can we say this is true?

The best example for this is the Cuemath Treasure Hunt. Here, instead of just looking for clues, the children are handed out puzzles that they need to solve. Once they solve these puzzles, they are given a clue which directs them to their next destination. Hence, children were running around eagerly solving puzzles.

treasure hunt

Cuemath Teachers also enjoyed the hullabaloo and made sure to click some photos that we have shared. The winning teams of the Cuemath Treasure Hunt were obviously the first ones to complete and these teams were given prizes by their Cuemath Teachers and congratulated by all the parents that gathered to witness the event.

The Cuemath Treasure Hunt was declared as a success by all the children that took part in it and all of them went home with big smiles after cracking some interesting puzzles.

This is exactly what Cuemath aims for. Engaging children in exciting ways will keep them interested and they begin to think on their own.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children felt the same way about math?

Wouldn’t it be great if children loved math the way they love playing games?

Cuemath has a vision of making every child in India great at math and it starts with small steps like these.

Why don’t you bring your child for a free Cuemath Experience Session and you’ll see how our highly skilled Cuemath Teachers bring a smile on their faces.

treasure hunt

This festive season, let your child find wealth in a perfect math program that holistically develops their math skills.

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