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1. Introduction
2. The idea behind Cuemath/ Perception of Math
3. Fundamental Math learning
4. Filling Learning Gap
5. Cuemath Vision
6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


07 October 2020

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Cuemath is an active online platform for students where both students and teachers participate in an interactive discussion. Cuemath program focuses on teaching math the right way. 

important notes to remember
“At Cuemath, we try to bridge the learning gap, and our main vision is to build the child’s fundamental math learning ability.”

Mathematics is a very logical subject. It’s a framework of the mind. If it’s taught to a child in the right way, there’s no reason why he/she won’t fall in love with math. A mathematical mindset helps in analyzing and dealing with new situations. 

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Cuemath's program focuses on logical thinking and reasoning instead of rote learning. Cuemath encourages students to build algorithms and mental models. 


The idea behind Cuemath/ Perception of Math

The main vision behind Cuemath is teaching math the right way. Math is a subject that should be learned by reasoning, doing and discovering.  

important notes to remember
“Students should be encouraged and motivated to put in the effort.”

Teachers should not give the answers right away; instead, they should act as a mentor or a coach. Spoon feeding should be avoided. Students who rely on spoon-feeding are less likely to develop the skills necessary to become independent learners.

Teacher and student

Fundamental Math learning

The fundamental problem with most of the math learning avenues is that the teacher is the active broadcaster, and the student is the passive consumer of content. They don’t make children do math in the right manner. Cuemath is based on the literal meaning of the word ‘Cue’. Cueing is the act of supporting the learner in the right direction by giving hints or a reminder. We encourage students to find their own way to the solution. 

important notes to remember
“Our primary focus is on fundamental math learning”

We help students to build a mathematical mindset. At Cuemath, we have workbooks for school math, tab-based activities for mental aptitude and puzzles for creative reasoning. 

Filling Learning Gap

Cuemath helps students to visualize concepts, develop logical thinking and make math learning fun. Here at Cuemath, we first work on the learning gaps and then proceed to the next topics. This helps us consistently deliver learning outcomes. We focus on the why behind the what of the concepts. 


Cuemath Vision

Cuemath has a holistic approach to math learning. Our vision is not to help students with their homework or help them score well in examinations. We see good performance in school or olympiads as a consequence of great learning. Putting marks as a primary objective is like putting a horse before the cart. If the fundamentals are right, there’s no reason why the child would not score well at math. 

important notes to remember
“Our vision is to develop a child’s mathematical mindset and critical thinking.”

1. What is Cuemath Program?

Cuemath program focuses on teaching math the right way. We try to bridge the learning gap by creating a personalized learning plan for every student.

2. How to enroll in Cuemath?

Visit our website to enroll and know more about our program.



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