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25 November 2020

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Cuemath Program is a unique beyond school program aimed to make learning math easy and exciting. 

Born with a vision to help students learn math the right way, Cuemath Program helps students overcome the difficulties they face due to traditional classroom learning.

Founded in 2013, we have 40k+ students that are learning math the right way. We have conducted more than 25 million math classes. Cuemath has carefully designed math learning programs for students of all age groups. We conduct online math and coding classes for grades 1-10.

important notes to remember
“Cuemath has highly trained teaching partners who maintain high teaching and learning standards, and experts design the curriculum.”

Cuemath has come a long way, and we are proud of what it has achieved in such a short period.

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Importance of Mathematics

If you are reading this article, chances are you already believe that math is essential, and we commend you for that. You are right!

important notes to remember

"In today’s world, the importance of math skills is relatively high. Be it any career; a strong math foundation always helps going forward.

We already see that Artificial Intelligence is automating even the most advanced computational jobs today. It means that the future’s valuable jobs will be the ones that require reasoning, logical problem-solving, and creative thinking.

In the technical field or the financial field or business, a mathematical background is fundamental, and the most lucrative jobs require strong math skills.

Robust math learning in the early years has never been so important, yet the traditionally taught method appears to be broken. That is one of the reasons we started Cuemath in the first place.

Limitations of the Traditional Method of Teaching

In our world, everything is continuously changing. The world is not the same as it was in the 18th century. But one of the things that are still the same is the traditional method of teaching.

The blackboard classroom teaching just does not work well in such a fast-paced world.

In the blackboard classroom, the child is, at best, a passive consumer of a broadcast. It may be useful for other fact-based subjects, but it is a complete disaster for a life-skill that is math.

Image of blackboard classroom and White board classroom

We have come so far with it because we haven’t faced any real consequences yet. But this is going to change dramatically in the next few years. The future of mathematics is going to be very different.

important notes to remember
“The traditional teaching method promotes rote learning and unhealthy competition, which can affect a student mentally and make him hate the subject.”

This method gets quite monotonous at times and does not amount to real learning. It encourages students just to pass the exams rather than teaching them a skill for life. Cuemath program helps students excel in math, not just at school or an exam but also beyond it.

We know the importance of mathematics, and we help children to achieve their best potential in math.

Mathematical Thinking above Mathematics

Cuemath program is designed with the vision to create a new kind of classroom, a classroom to make every kid great, not just at math, but mathematical thinking.

A classroom where children are not told the answers instead guided to discover the solutions themselves, and through this process, children realize that the path to an answer is as critical as the answer itself. This is going to be the future of mathematics.

Cuemath has created a classroom where mistakes are not frowned upon, and children are not labeled. We believe that mistakes are an essential part of the learning process itself.

cuemath teacher teaching math to her student

Math should be learned not by memorizing but by logical thinking and reasoning. Cuemath teaches children to create mental models and algorithms.

important notes to remember
“We encourage children to think of the why behind the what of the concepts."

This helps them to develop a thinking mindset. There is a deep focus on the application of concepts.

It is crucial to visualize concepts and to develop logical reasoning. It should be one of the more significant objectives of learning math. In Cuemath Program, concepts are introduced at the right time so that students can make connections between different ideas.

At Cuemath, We feel fulfilled every time we see a child smiling when she has arrived at that ‘aha’ moment when she has reasoned something out on her own. As an educator, there is no more incredible feeling than that.


We hope that you have an idea about how concepts are taught and what philosophy is followed by Cuemath and how Cuemath is different from other math learning programs.

Cuemath is revolutionizing the way math is taught, and we are proud to be the frontrunners in this. If you think Cuemath Program is right for you, we invite you to join us in reinventing the classroom and enabling a new generation of problem solvers.

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Understand the Cuemath Fee structure and sign up for a free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Cuemath Learning system?

Cuemath is a program developed for children from grades 1-10 to teach them math in a fun and exciting way. The curriculum is designed after intense research and iterations by experts from IITs and Cambridge.

2. How is Cuemath curriculum/methodology in Cuemath Online Program different from school/tuition?

We have a unique teaching methodology that enables students to develop a strong reasoning and mathematical mindset.

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