Aha! Curiosity is the best teacher!

Aha! Curiosity is the best teacher!

November 14, 2018

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“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”- William Arthur Ward

It’s perhaps a no-brainer that curiosity drives human beings in many ways. It’s the cornerstone of path-breaking discoveries and inventions. But what is under-emphasised is how important it is to allow children to nurture their innate sense of wonder about the world around them.

According to a recent study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Michigan, curious children can grasp math better.

Most of us can recall how we asked endless questions when we were little. We also remember how such spurts of enthusiasm ended – with time-outs!

All the same, we now know we learn best when we have a sense of discovery and not commandments or ready-made answers.

And this is the where Cuemath steps in!

Creative reasoning through puzzles

At Cuemath, we provide highly engaging puzzles to build your child’s creative reasoning skills and learn the WHY behind the WHAT of every question.

Imagine your child learning even advanced concepts such as truths and lies and the pigeonhole principle through puzzle cards.

Here’s a sample*:

On the island of Knights and Knaves, I met three people A, B, and C, one of whom is a knight, another is a knave, and the other is a spy. The knight always tells the truth, the knave always lies, and the spy can either lie or tell the truth.

A says, “I am the knight.”
B says, “I am the knave.”
C says, “I am the spy.”

The question is: Who is the spy?

The reasoning is as follows:

If A is speaking truth, then B & C must be Knave and Spy, this is acceptable.

If A is lying, then B or C must be knights. However Knights cannot lie, hence this assumption is not acceptable.

If B is speaking the Truth, then C must be a spy. However, a Knave cannot tell the truth hence this is not acceptable.

If B is lying, then C must be a Knave, as a Knave must lie and a Spy can lie, this is acceptable.

If C is speaking the truth, then B must also speak the truth, since this is incompatible with the statement, it is not acceptable.

If C is lying, then B is also lying, which is logically compatible with the statement

Answer: B is the spy.

At Cuemath, children arrive at the aforementioned reasoning themselves as the answer is not revealed by the teacher. This helps children learn math by reasoning. The puzzles not only help children learn math by creative reasoning  but also application of math concepts in real life situations.

So, the next time your child pesters you with questions, learn to grin from ear to ear! Your child may just get better at math.  Nope, great at math!

(*This is a representative example only. Cuemath has proprietary content designed by IIT and Cambridge alumni to help your child learn math better and faster)

Next Steps

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