Importance of Early Math Learning


Why early math learning is important for your child?

February 15, 2019

early math development = fuuture sucess

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Your child’s early development paves and solidifies the foundation of their future development, health, and well-being. However, the importance and advantages of developing early mathematical skills are not taken into consideration most of the time, despite the role it plays in laying the foundation for future critical reasoning

Research published in the European Journal of Psychology and Education has shown that learning numbers, can increase your child’s language skills including their vocabulary, inference, grammatical complexity, and independence. In a child’s growing years, it’s common for parents to be less concerned with the promotion of numeracy skills compared to the child’s ability to read and write. Many parents believe that children in their growing years are not ready to grasp the foundational concepts of mathematics, and thus numeracy is introduced later in the child’s school year.

Here are some of the reasons why early math learning is important for your child’s overall development

  1. Predictor for later success in life:

Your child’s math skills can help put your child on the path to success as they grow older. In a 2007 study covering 35,000 pre-schoolers in the US, Canada, and England, researchers used three key predictors to assess later success: attention skills, school-entry academic and social skills. They found that math at an early age came out as the strongest predictor to measure the child’s success later in life.

  1. Creates better communicators, writers, and better readers:

It’s surprising to know that early math learning not only helps your child develop self-confidence and basic foundation required to succeed in math but also helps in their development of literacy. When your child is able to think mathematically and apply concepts it not only deepens their mathematical understanding but also develops their linguistic abilities.

  1. Prepares them for a future that is built on math:

The world is rapidly progressing towards an Artificial intelligence (AI) – driven world and in order to succeed in a world where a higher percentage of jobs will need critical thinking and analytical skills, it’s essential for your child to have a strong math foundation from an early age on. We at Cuemath work hard to ensure your child gets an overall math development to succeed in school and beyond.

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