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This educated housewife is finding success as a Cuemath teacher

This educated housewife is finding success as a Cuemath teacher

July 15, 2016

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Born and brought up in Bengaluru, Archana Karthikeyan didn’t like math as a student. She describes herself as a playful student when she was in school. She needed tuition classes to start loving math. Archana completed her B.Com and got married a little later. Post marriage she began to work and also signed up for an MBA from Symbiosis with their correspondence courses.

“Initially I didn’t pay much attention to the MBA but after my son was born, I realized that I had only 4 months left for the course to lapse. In those 4 months, I completed 17-18 papers and cleared them with distinction” said a beaming Archana.

Archana explains that after her son grew a little, she wanted to work from home. She began browsing the internet for options and came across Cuemath.

“Math was my favourite subject by then and I was interested in teaching. So I blindly went ahead an applied for the program,” she explains.

Archana became a certified Cuemath teacher in May 2016.

“I live near Hebbal. So initially, I walked around my area and spoke to people about Cuemath. After explaining, I would give them the pamphlets. This way, I managed to enroll 9-10 students in my first week itself.”

cuemath teacher with her students

Archana started off her Cuemath classes mid-June with around 10 children. She was very keen on getting more students and therefore created a whatsapp group with the contacts of parents in her neighbourhood.

“The Cuemath team members kept sending interactive puzzles and facts so this got the parents interested and I got more kids” she recalls.

She says that parents who have children in the KG classes feel that extra classes are burdensome for such young ages. But then she points out to them that beginning at a young age is the best, since children are like sponges and take in anything we teach them.

Archana wanted to increase her student count within a short span of time. She then began to plan a Parent Workshop at her place. She utilized all her contacts and invited people via email, calls, messages etc. She also sent messages into many groups on whatsapp.

“My registration count had reached 35, but because it was the holiday season (Eid), around 22-25 parents attended the workshop. It was a big success!”

cuemath teacher with her students

Archana tells us how the interactive quiz kept the parents interested and that the presentation worked perfectly since everyone understood it. Nruthya Madappa, Head of Growth at Cuemath, was present to clear all the queries of the parents and together, they worked as a team creating magic in that room.

“I never sell Cuemath to parents. It doesn’t need to be sold. I have always put it across as an educational necessity”

Immediately after the Parent Workshop, 14 students were enrolled with Archana. She followed up with the other interested parents and finally had a good student number of 35.

“35 students? In one month?”

“Not 35, but 5 short of 40!” exclaimed the excited teacher.

So how does she feel about the program?

“Well, I’m just one month into it, but some of my students’ scores have increased, one child scored full marks and another one, well she’s enjoying the subject now and she has her exam today! I hope she does well,” said the teacher.

cuemath teacher with her students

Most of the kids are reluctant to go home. They don’t see the time passing by and some of them tell Archana that they’re ready solve Cuemath questions even at midnight.

Archana also highlights that the puzzle cards are family entertainers! One of the mothers told her that her daughter waits for the father to come home and then sits on his lap to discuss the puzzle card. Isn’t that cute?

So what is it about Cuemath that drives these kids?

“Cuemath is all about balance. It’s like a great combo. Nobody can do only worksheets. Similarly only tabs will strain their eyes. So a balance of these and puzzles are perfect for kids and they use 1 hour completely” explains Archana.

As we get to the end of our chat, I asked Archana what her message to the other teachers would be.

“Keep a high target and set a short time span to reach it! The Cuemath team is 24/7 helping us and if we just express a little interest in something, they will go out of their way to help us.”

She explains that after being well educated, no woman should underestimate herself. Being a Cuemath teacher helps one to grow in all directions.

“It does take hard work to pay off, but ultimately, there is a lot of motivation and support from the company as well.”

On a final note, Archana says that the new books for LKG are a hit and everybody loves the colouring parts of it!

cuemath teacher with her students


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