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August 14, 2020

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Do you need ideas to keep your little scholars' brains active? Do you need ideas for indoor and outdoor games?

These learning activities for kids are so entertaining, they may not even realize how educational they are. Even better, the projects are low-prep, easy to clean up, and mostly involve common items you can find around the house.

Educational Fun Activities for Kids, Child learning with games

Dip into the old art-supply bin, gather up some toys, and you'll be able to whip up an educational activity in no time.

Here are some fun & exciting educational activities for kids which can be done at home. Let’s make learning fun!

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Indian flag art

Surprise your kids that they're going to create something magical. How about designing the Indian flag! Indian flag art will get their artistic gears turning. 

Flag Art: Making flags using your own creativity.

And why limit them to the Indian flag? They can design their own flag — show them the Indian flag and also the flag of other countries as they can get an idea. You can also join together and create a flag for your family.

Game of dice

Isn’t the aim for this to make your child experience fun even indoors? How about an exciting game of dice?

Game of Dice: A dice crafted at home to enjoy and study from

 Make a dice with colored cardboard. Write a few funny activities on all the 6 sides of the dice. Roll the dice and perform the activity. 

Alphabet matching

Make an apple tree with colored paper. Cut out some white circles and red circles as apples. Write the uppercase alphabets on the white circle and stick them on the tree. Write smaller case letters on the red ones. Let your child match the uppercase with their respective lower case letters.

Alphabet Matching

To help the child understand the activity and enjoy this activity more, learn about Matching and Sorting here.

Origami craft

This Japanese art of folding origami sheets is a unique and creative way to help your child excel in their learning. By creating figures using origami sheets folding methods, kids can improve their coordination skills and boost their creativity. 

Origami Craft: Folding origami sheets to make into various shapes

Origami paper craft is a truly unique way of keeping our child busy. They can involve themselves in creating origami peacocks, origami birds and other origami paper craft.

Wish to learn more about Origami Craft? Visit this blog to learn more: Origami to Learn Maths

Mystery Cup

Mystery Cup is an easy game to play. Put a collection of objects in a cup and have the child count and say or write how many objects are in the cup. To challenge your children, have them draw a picture to show how many objects they’ve counted.

Mystery Cup: Putting various things in a cup or jar for counting

Simple and easy rangoli designs for home

Rangoli making is an engaging activity irrespective of whether it is festival season or not. The use of various shapes, bright colours, and making art using the rangoli colours is both an educational and fun experience for your child. 

Simple and easy rangoli designs for home

What are you waiting for? Bring out the colours and let the kids take over.


These activities are not only fun indoor and outdoor games which will help the child to get relieved from boredom, but also educational. Here were some activities we discussed:

  • Indian flag art 
  • Origami craft 
  • Simple and easy rangoli designs for home 
  • Game of dice
  • Alphabet matching 

They help children complete different tasks within the given deadline and encourage various lessons about curiosity, punctuality and creativity. Kids who perform various fun educational activities seem to be more motivated and friendly.

What other ideas can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned? Think of other creative ways to mix education with fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make Indian flag in craft?

Take a rectangular piece of paper, divide it into three equal sections horizontally. Now paint or colour the top section orange, and bottom section green. Now, for the middle section, draw a circle right in the middle. Take your pencil and ruler and draw 12 equiangular diametric lines across the circle so that there are 24 spokes drawn in the circle. And you are done!

Importance of indoor games?

Indoor games, especially during a time when everyone has to stay home is a necessity to provide a break from studying and learning. By themselves, they are important in a student’s life. They can also be coupled with the educational activities to make learning more fun. 

What are some educational activities?

There are many educational activities that help in boosting your kids mental skills. Here are few activities

  • Indian flag art.
  • Origami craft.
  • Simple and easy rangoli designs for home.
  • Game of dice.
  • Alphabet matching. 
  • Gardening. 
  • Sudoku.
  • Treasure Hunt.
  • Memory Game.

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