What are the best educational toys for kids?


Jan 7, 2021

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How playing with toys can help your child in all over development?

  • Toys play a pivotal part in a child’s growth. As an infant, a child’s worldview is ever-expanding, they are constantly fascinated with everything that surrounds them.
  • Toys can stir curiosity in your child, offering them the means to tap into their imagination and stimulate sensory processing. 
  • Research all around the world has given us ample proof that playtime is extremely important to encourage mental development in kids.
  • Toys can help children figure out who they really are and parents can spot their hidden talents and detect advanced learning opportunities for the future. 

Learning through play is an integral part of a child’s development. Expose your child to the wonders of educational toys to develop their fine and gross motor skills, creativity, imagination, and learning capabilities.

Why it is important to your kid to play with toys?

It comes as a shock for most new parents that children take longer to learn how to talk than to walk.

Speech and language development is a complicated process that takes a huge amount of effort and that is where toys come into play, it helps them grow not just mentally but prepares them to conquer all areas of life whether it is academics, social life, physical and emotional development.

Playtime provides a host of enrichment opportunities for a child.It gives him/her a chance to develop their unique potential, to make their own meaning, and to figure out interests.

Another added benefit that does not get as much credit as it should is how playing with your child is an excellent bonding experience.

Today our society has changed completely, women make a significant part of the workforce and are making money and raising kids together.

This indicates that now there is a perpetual time crunch between parents and kids. With soaring deadlines, parents are working round the clock to provide for their children.

Although there is an increase in the amount of resources parents are now willing to and comfortably being able to provide to their children.

But on the other hand, their new hurried lifestyle, changes in the family structure, and excessive focus on academics from an early age disrupt optimal child development and deprives the child of the traditional family experience. 

The time parents spend with their kids is a precious commodity for them. It can now easily be figured that playtime helps parents give their kids more time, have fun together while making an investment in their educational development.

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📥 What are the best educational toys for kids?


15 Educational Toys for Kids development 

  1. Zingo 

Zingo is like a child version of the adult game Bingo! It particularly benefits preschoolers and early readers.It is one of the best toys for preschoolers' child development as it promotes quick thinking and decision making. 

How To Play

 Instead of striking numbers, the child is supposed to match words with pictures displayed on a card known as a challenge card. The first player to match all the cards on the board wins. 

  1. Engineering Design-Build Set

A Design-Build set is one of the finest educational toys for kids. It sharpens the child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

How To Play

There are a set number of pieces in each design set and activity cards that guide your child to build a toy resembling a city. It sparks creativity and imagination and enhances their engineering skills.

  1. Learn Your Alphabet Toys

When searching for educational toy names, you will definitely come across Learn your Alphabet toys. They are designed to teach letter and number cognition. Since it is not paper, your child can practice it time and again in multiple variations.

How to Play

Learn Your Alphabet toys can either be musical, visual, or in the form of a puzzle. Choose the right toy according to your child’s age. The main aim is to teach them ABC’s and get on them on the path to being a successful reader.

  1. Rattle Toys 

Rattles are one of the first educational toys for kids that every parent uses. They are extremely important for a child’s listening and motor skills as well as their attention span. They are a source of entertainment for the child and activate all their senses.

How To Play

 By grabbing and shaking the rattles, the child learns to visually track and navigate their reflexes and improves coordination.

  1. Puzzles

All children have different learning needs and that is when puzzles come in handy. They are great educational toys for kindergarten kids. They come in a variety of themes and topics like numbers, alphabets, words, colors, shapes, etc which improve the child’s hand to eye coordination, motor skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

How To Play 

 Each puzzle comes with directions that are easy to navigate, based on what kind of skills it is meant to sharpen. Engage your kids with puzzles that build Vocabulary and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) for improved learning.  

  1. Workbench/Kitchen bench

A Workbench/Kitchen bench is important for the brain development of kids and ranks on the top when a parent looks out for various educational toys names for their child. They let their imagination run wild and place their worldview in the setting of the life of an adult. It helps to figure out the child’s interests for the future and teach specific skills the child needs at different ages.

How To Play 

A Workbench /Kitchenbench has multiple tools and accessories attached to it so that your little one can experience learning how the real world while playing.

  1. Lego Blocks

Legos are a set of plastic construction toys and are the perfect opportunity for your child to tune their engineering skills. Children experience the thrill of building and a sense of accomplishment in completing their work of art. 

How To Play

Legos incorporate the systems of science, technology, and creativity to provide your child with advanced learning opportunities. The child can start by stacking and freestyling the legos together and then move on to complicated designs.

  1. Magnetic Blocks

The incorporation of magnets into toys has been an instant hit with kids of all age groups! It is one of those educational toys for kids that fascinates the mind and makes their physical and mental development easy. 

How To Play

Magnetic Blocks are easy to use. Just by placing one block to another, the blocks snap and connect. There are no safety hazards related to magnets which makes them super child friendly.

  1. Connect 4

Choosing the right type of educational toys for your kids can be a difficult task. 

Connect four is a classic game that enhances the visual and spatial reasoning of kids. It is one of the best educational toys for kindergarten kids. 

How To Play

The child has to connect 4 pieces of the toy either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to form a line which improves their visual perception. The player who forms a line fastest wins!

  1. Bubbles

Ever thought about how bubbles can be used to teach toddlers an early science lesson? One of the best preschool educational toys, engaging with bubbles can teach little kids concepts of math, science, and engineering. Whether it is counting the number of bubbles or learning geometric shapes, bubbles create ample opportunities for learning!

How To Play 

Pour the bubble solution into a shallow dish. Wet the bubble wand and release air on it to create bubbles. Bubbles have proven to be good for health as they force you to pause and focus on your breath. It is also an excellent bonding activity for kids and parents.

  1. Sentence Building Dominoes

Sentence Building Dominoes are visual and tactile tools that help in developing multiple language skills. 

How To Play

Sentence building dominoes consist of 114 color-coded dominoes with various nouns, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, articles, and pronouns, the child has to identify and construct sentences using these dominoes while actively learning about the English language. 

  1. Follow The Dot Stamps

Follow the Dot Stamps is one of the most innovative toys for preschoolers' child development. It is a dot to dot learning system that strengthens the child’s number and alphabet skills.

How To Play 

 These dotted stamps contain numbers and letters and the child is supposed to replicate them on paper, improving their hand-eye coordination and hand dexterity.

  1. Magnetic Maze

A Magnetic Maze engages and delights kids and also provides a new type of fun activity to perform using their problem-solving abilities.

How To Play 

A magnet can exert control over an object even without touching it. A magnetic maze contains a magnetic plate where the child has to find their way out of the maze using a pen that has magnets attached to its tip. It is an upgrade from an ordinary paper-pencil maze.

  1. Sight Word Swat

Sight Word Swat is a fast-paced game that helps toddlers to identify words.

How To Play 

The parent says a word and the child has to spot the word and splat it with a fly swat. The words are seemingly similar so it is harder for the child to distinguish hence making the game more challenging.  

  1. Eating The Alphabet 

Eating the Alphabet is a game that promotes nutrition awareness and word recognition. 

How To Play 

The child names a fruit or food item from every alphabet which educates them on the different types of food that exist and their nutritional values, preparing them to make healthier food choices in the future.

No matter what career path your child might take in the future, Math is a vital skill that is useful in all areas of life. Math not just helps kids with academic endeavors but also takes care of their brain development and mental well being. It sharpens their analytical abilities through a methodical application that will benefit them all their life by enhancing their decision-making abilities.

5 educational toys for kids that encourage mathematical abilities

  1. Think Fun Dice Junior

Think Fun Dice Junior is a simple game that aims to teach the concepts of addition and subtraction to your little one. It can help your child to accurately guess the quantity or size of a given item.

How To Play

The game has 6 dices, a scoring track, and easy to read and apply for instruction cards. The child rolls the dice to get a target number and with subsequent rolls, the child is supposed to achieve that number through the concept of addition and subtraction. As soon as the child gets the number he/she moves ahead on the scoring track. The first one to reach the finish line wins!

  1. Wooden Abacus

Wooden Abacus is a classic toy with colored and textured beads to improve your child’s calculation skills, problem-solving abilities, and concentration.

How To Play

The Wooden Abacus has ten rows of beautifully crafted and colored beads. Children can easily learn the concept of addition and subtraction by moving the beads in the pattern of an equation. By doing this the little one will learn mathematical concepts of counting and patterns and develop their sense of numeracy.

  1. Self Correcting Puzzle Set

Jigsaw puzzles are extremely helpful in improving a child’s memory. The Self Correcting Puzzle Set is an engaging toy that will keep your child entertained and also improve their motor skills.

How To Play

This 32 piece puzzle set has various mathematical problems written on each piece with the aim of teaching BODMAS concepts to early learners. With the help of this puzzle, the child can easily recognize and match the solutions to the problem and also learn about spatial relationships and geometry,

  1. Smart Counting Cookies

Smart Counting Cookies is a game that helps toddlers with number identification and counting and numerical order for early success in conquering math.

How To Play 

Smart Counting Cookies contain 11 cookie-shaped toys with the numbers 0-11 written on their back. The child learns to recognize, compare, and count all by themselves by placing cookies in the jar.It also helps to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.It is considered to be one of the best preschool educational toys.

  1. Math links Cubes Counting Toy

When searching for educational toy names, the Math link is a gem to find. It teaches kids basic mathematical concepts and develops their problem-solving skills.

How To Play

Math link cubes set contains cubes of 0.75 inch that your little one can easily stack up and make up a variety of geometric shapes like hexagon, square, rectangle, etc. as well learn to identify them.


This blog mainly talks about educational toys Using an educational toy like the one with alphabets or numbers programs the child’s brain with knowledge early on and so as a child proceeds to preschool he/she already knows what is being taught, it instills

in the confidence and the motivation to learn more and do more.

It fully develops their imagination, decision-making skills, emotional and cognitive strength, dexterity and keeps them physically fit and active which helps in blocking the risk of childhood obesity.

Playing with educational toys for kids sparks a variety of learnings in a child.

They get first-hand experience with creativity along with which they create a world for themselves that they can master as their imagination keeps on unfolding.

A simple game of playing with a kitchen set might look routine to an outsider, but for a little child, he/she unintentionally fits into the role of an adult, experiencing how the world works, developing new competencies one play session at a time and so it is extremely important for parents to expose kids to play with educational toys. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are educational toys important?

Educational toys can help develop problem-solving skills, teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work

What is the purpose of a toy?

Toys, like the play itself, serve multiple purposes in both humans and animals. They provide entertainment while fulfilling an educational role. Toys enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity. They aid in the development of physical and mental skills that are necessary for later life.

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