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The Cuemath Teacher Convention in Bangalore was one of the biggest events that Team Cuemath has witnessed so far. With more than 150 members in attendance, this convention was filled with information, fun and a great number of inspiring stories.

A good number of Cuemath Teachers stepped forward to help out the newly joined teachers since some of the teachers were fresh out of training.

Manan Khurma, Founder and CEO of Cuemath started off the event by briefing the crowd about the growth of Cuemath over the past 2 years and also gave a glimpse of his experiences as a teacher. He also expressed with conviction how a teacher can help transform a child’s life. Manan also addressed the different queries and concerns that a few teachers had and his session ended with a promising smile.

Nikhil Pawar, Head of Curriculum, took the stage to explain how the Cuemath Program has evolved over the past few months and also threw light on the details that they get into while improving the structure or the approach on several topics. All the teachers were exceptionally excited when Nikhil announced the launch of the puzzle cards for the KG kids.

He ended his session on a positive note saying that math helps children sort real-life situations. He also encouraged and appreciated the teachers for the effort they are putting into changing the lives of many kids.

Nruthya Madappa who heads Growth at Cuemath motivated the teachers and ensured them that nothing was impossible. She asked all the teachers to dream big and to realise how much power they hold within them to completely change the way a generation thinks.

Once Nruthya finished her fantastic session, she gave way to some of the Cuemath Teachers to share their experiences in their journey as a teacher. Gauri Purohit, Disha Bhora and Madhuri Gavande were some teachers that spoke about their growth with Cuemath.

At Cuemath, we stress the importance of precise communication while speaking to parents. In order to give teachers the confidence to speak out about the program, Jobin Jose and Rukmani Ramachandran did a role play to show the new teachers what odds they would face when trying to convince parents. They were given tips and tricks on what to say and what not to say to parents. It was highly informative as well as an entertaining session for everyone present.

All the teachers were split into different groups and group activity was organized for them wherein they interacted with their group and spoke about the obstacles they face. The group would then together address the issue and come up with an apt solution. This helped all of them bond while also overcoming their own fears.

A treasure hunt called The Adventure Game was the highlight of the day. It was designed in such a way that the teachers were to solve puzzles in order to win their next clue. The winners of the game were rewarded generously and they were such a lively bunch.

You can have a look at the interesting photos on our Facebook page.

After the games and fun, the teachers from Bangalore and other parts of India who performed extremely well were awarded. Plenty of awards went out and we were proud of what our teachers achieved.

The Team interacted with the teachers after the function and everyone shared a good meal. The Cuemath Teachers left the venue with their heads held high and pride-filled in their hearts.

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Understand the Cuemath Fee structure and sign up for a free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Cuemath Program?

Founded in 2013, Cuemath is an after-school online Math and Coding program for KG to 12th-grade students. They tap into every child’s natural math and coding power, amplifying achievement and skyrocketing their confidence. Cuemath is backed by Capital G and is present in over 20+ countries. They are certified by Grant Thornton and the curriculum is also STEM accredited. Their teaching methodology has a unique approach that combines 1:1/group instructions with engaging puzzles, interactive visuals to teach math as intuitive logic and has a self-paced curriculum keeping the learning pace of students in mind.

2. How to enroll in Cuemath?

Visit our website to enroll and know more about our program.

3. How much does a Cuemath Teacher earn?

The single most important factor that determines how much you will earn as a Cuemath teacher is the amount of time you are willing to devote to conducting the Cuemath classes. If you devote 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, you could earn up to Rs. 45000 a month.

4. How do I become a Cuemath teacher?

At Cuemath, we recruit teachers for delivering our curriculum to the students. Cuemath will provide online training that enables you to conduct Cuemath classes in an engaging manner using the Cuemath methodology. Read more on  How can you become a Cuemath teacher?

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