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From homemaker to an independent Cuemath Teacher.

From homemaker to an independent Cuemath Teacher.

May 25, 2016

Mrs. Nancy Sharma

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Nancy Sharma was a born leader. As a student she was always top five in her school, a 2nd rank holder in B.Tech from Kurukshetra University and a 85% aggregate holder in MBA.  Apart from studies, this young mom is a sprinter, a singer, a dancer and has recently taken an interest to the guitar. Leadership comes naturally to Nancy.

She worked in the male dominated automation industry for many years and was constantly proving her mettle there. However, she chose to give up her corporate standing to spend time with her young daughter and made her a priority over everything else.

In time, Nancy’s daughter began showing similar trademarks of her mother by doing exceptionally well in school and gradually the society they lived in acknowledged Nancy as the driving force behind her daughters performances. They approached Nancy for maths tuition for their own children but she felt that students already go through a lot in school, doing the same things at a tuition is unfair to the kids.

She chanced upon Cuemath on Facebook and was delighted by the “work from home” model and having taught in a college for a while, the idea of teaching appealed to her.

“I believe in doing my best whatever my decision be. For this reason, I didn’t spend much time evaluating Cuemath, I went ahead and enrolled my daughter first because as a parent I was fully convinced about this math learning program.”

Nancy seems to be comfortable with the program and explains,

“The hours are very convenient, I earn good and my child is with me. Moreover, quality education is provided to children. I have a very good reputation in my society as everyone recognizes me for bringing Cuemath in although there were many tuition teachers already.”

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Nancy finds assisting the children extremely easy and interrupts my question saying,

“That’s the beauty of the program! Everything is explained so well that a child in the 1st grade can complete her workbook and move on to the grade 2 workbook. They begin to learn on their own.”

She goes on to give examples from her class that the younger children don’t really revise for exams, they complete the Cuemath material and just walk into the exams with complete confidence.

Nancy remembers one of her students whose parents enrolled him for the FIITJEE’s entrance test. He told her that he wasn’t prepared for it but was going to attempt it based on what he knew. She on the other hand was quite sure he’d do well. When the results were announced, he cracked it with a 95% aggregate.

“Parents always look for quantized output when a child learns but they should understand that taking shortcuts will not yield good output. If a student is allowed to create his own shortcut, he will remember it for life” is what she understands.

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Her own daughter who is in the 1st grade and has learnt the 1 times and 2 times tables, suddenly one day related with the 9 times tables on her own. She related a lot of basic math concepts and arrived at the answer.

When probed about her job and job scope, Nancy comments that as a teacher, one doesn’t have to work too hard since the structure is extremely good and the questions are of high quality. Tough problems are made very easy. Without much memory of math, she took up the job but the output is very high and kids WANT to come here.

“What more can motivate a teacher?” she questions, brimming with pride.

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“Moreover kids can do around 80 questions a day whereas in tuitions they complete 15-20 questions. It’s really easy to teach a heterogeneous group with Cuemath. We just have to be facilitators and we can earn equal to lecturers!”

How do parents look at Cuemath?

Nancy makes sure she explains that if a parent wants their child to learn something once and never forget it, then Cuemath is the only program to achieve that.

“We teach mental aptitude on a regular basis. When we test parents or other kids, they aren’t able to do those. Puzzle cards and tabs make it interesting and I come to know that the children tell stories at home about completing different levels.

The Cuemath Benchmark Test is actually enough to convince them.”

As we wound up the interview, Nancy is eager to add some more insights,

“The general notion is that we can do well only if we go out to work. It’s not like that anymore. You can do a lot more at home. The exposure is high level since the children of IIT graduates study Cuemath. Cuemath has removed the phobia of math.

Inspite of all this, being a teacher with Cuemath has been the most tension free job ever!”

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