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11 November  2020

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It’s the season for holidays all across the world. And this time around, kids have already been home for a while, thanks to COVID. With school classes moving online, and children learning via laptops, we have all seen a lot of change in the way learning is happening. And even though some things have changed, assignments during the holidays for kids still continue to happen. For kids, Math projects can be the most exciting or the most horrid to complete, depending on their love towards the subject.

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If your child has been faring well in the exams all year, then they may end up making 2 projects instead of 1! 6th grade math projects might seem tough to do, but Cuemath is here to ease out the pain. 

Math projects are a great way for students to show off their skill level with concepts you have been covering in class. 

These 4th grade math projects, 5th grade math projects, 6th grade math projects, 7th grade math projects and 8th grade math projects are intended as summative learnings for children and help them in learning math better, going forward.

4th grade math projects

Is your little one excited to work on a 4th grade math project, while you are out of ideas on what to do and how to build out their creativity? 
We got you covered. Cuemath has curated a list of activities for your 4th grader to ace their math project.

1. A self grading Math Quizzes, Tests App

This interactive math bundle contains all the digital exit slips, task cards, worksheets, quizzes, and tests you'll need to incorporate digital instruction and assessment in the classroom and completely cover all 4th-grade math standards. 

A self grading math quizzes image

Designed to make the classroom efficient and interactive, these resources are presented as Google Slides and Google Forms, eliminating paper and planning.

2. Design a Restaurant

This is a real life multiplication project apt as a grade 4 math project. In this project, the children solve word problems and create menus, advertisements and floor plans to make their very own restaurant. 

Design a restaurant image

To add excitement, the project is divided into 3 levels.

  • Level 1 that included one by two digit multiplication, area of rectangles
  • Level 2 that covers one by two/ three digit multiplication, two by two digit multiplication, and area of rectangles
  • Level 3 which has multi-digit multiplication, multi-step word problems, area of irregular shapes

Tell us your little one isn’t excited about the 4th grade math projects!

Gradewise Math Projects-PDF

This blog provides very unique ideas for 4th grade math projects, 5th grade math projects, 6th grade math projects, 7th grade math projects and 8th grade math projects. Here is a downloadable PDF to explore more.

📥 Gradewise Math Projects-PDF


5th grade math projects

As kids grow, they may not believe that they can have fun with math, but projects are a great way for students to show off their skill level with concepts you have been covering in class. 

The 5th grade math projects that we have collated for you will get them all excited!

1. Make Your Dream Home

Dream Home is a super-fun way to attack additive area concepts. This resource is aligned with the syllabus for grade 5. 

Make Your Dream Home image

The project has questions around the areas of rectilinear figures and how they should be calculated when there are overlapping rectangles. 

2. Back to School Math

A good project for students who like to revise before the school begins, this project will help revise the concepts of multiplication, division, graphing, and even a writing activity. Renew your concepts, and enter school with a bang! 

Tell us what kind of a home your child is creating as a part of 5th grade math projects!

6th grade math projects

Early middle school can be a strange time for students. For these children, childish games would be too young, and sophisticated projects might be too tough. 

Applying practical knowledge to an interesting concept can help them learn math effectively.

Hands-on, engaging projects ideas for 6th grade math projects coming below:

1. Analyzing Zombie Virus with Dot Plots and Mean

It's important for 6th graders to practice their statistical skills. And keeping in time with COVID, they would learn about a virus outbreak (which is turning people into zombies). 

Analyzing Zombie Virus with Dot Plots and Mean image

It’s a fantastic way for students to see how stats are being used in the real life world, while also learning about epidemiology.

Children end up practicing 

  • Creating dot plots, bar graphs, and frequency tables
  • Describing the distribution of data
  • Determining mean, median, mode, and range
  • Evaluating the usefulness of the measure of central tendency based on the data’s distribution

2. Surface Area & Volume Tic-Tac-Toe Project

In this simple project, children choose three options by using the tic-tac-toe game. 

Surface Area & Volume Tic-Tac-Toe Project image

They choose a diagonal, a row, or a column for their three assessment pieces to show their understanding of surface area & volume and the relationship those two have. 

A simple but brilliant way to use the concepts that have been learned in Grade 6 math. 

Many more projects like this, that implement the learnings of basics stats can really excite 6th graders into making 6th grade math projects. 

7th grade math projects

7th-grade students need to highlight their acquired knowledge in many areas of math. Cuemath has the idea for the best 7th grade math projects. Read on..

1. Trees for the Park

In this project, children need to use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine lengths of wires needed to hold trees in place. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Trees for the Park image

 This project will check how much their child has learned about Pythagoras theorem and its applications!

This math project for 7th graders will keep them hooked, while also revising their concepts during implementation. 

8th grade math projects

The 8th grade math projects are a higher order of the 7th grade projects. The difference from the previous ones is the complexity involved. 

One such interesting example is the game of Angry birds and its implementation.

1. Angry Birds 

We have all played this game at some point, but have we ever wondered how the estimation of landing of angry birds is done?

Angry Birds image  

It’s done by implementing quadratic equations to a birds motion


Awesome, aint it. Imagine your 8th grader being able to implement the learnings from Quadratic equations onto games and understanding the impact. Learning with examples, and projects is always the best and most fun.  

Using his list of 4th grade math projects, 5th grade math projects, 6th grade math projects, 7th grade math projects, 8th grade math projects you can make it engaging for your children to learn.

Along with remembering the concepts, children will also learn how to implement them. Seem interesting? Join us at Cuemath to learn more!

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