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10 Best Halloween Activities for Kids


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12 January 2021

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Trick or Treat?

Woohoo!! It's Halloween!

Halloween is that time of the year that always catches the attention of young kids, Halloween activities for kids will get your children into the spooky spirit and also get their curious minds to work!

Trick or Treat?

Halloween welcome's ideas of superstition. The old traditions dictate that on Halloween the dead and gone rise again and carving out Jack-O-Lanterns will ward off evil spirits. But the story behind Halloween remains a mystery to many of us and it piques the interest of little children to a great degree.

To turn this spooky festival into a day of fun and frolic, we bring to some great Halloween activities for kids that will not only keep their minds engaged but also ensure that they amp up their creative and cognitive skills. Most of the ideas incorporate both traditional Halloween activities as well as indoor Halloween activities that will make this festival memorable and fun for your little one!

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📥 10 Best Halloween Activities for Kids


Top Ten Halloween Activities for Kids 

  1. Halloween Musical Chairs

This is probably the most fun indoor Halloween activity and a classic game to play in every household. To get into the Halloween spirit the family and friends can go-’round, and ‘round a group of chairs while in a costume and play some really spooky tracks to go with it. As soon as the music stops everyone grabs a seat and subsequently one chair is removed after every round till there is a winner.

Halloween Musical Chair

  1. Halloween Tic Tac Toe

A fun Halloween activity for kids can be to take the classic game of Tic Tac Toe and make it spooky! For this to feel Halloween-y, the game pieces can be based on a scary theme. You can use some tape to map out the board, but then get creative. For example, have your kids paint rocks to look like ghosts, Frankenstein, pumpkins, or Jack’O lanterns to really get into the Halloween spirit. Don’t forget to keep score! 

  1. Create Halloween Paper Lanterns

It is time to get creative! A fun way to decorate your house for Halloween is to ask your kids to help make some paper lanterns! You can go ahead with this idea by making plenty of spooky paper lanterns and then add a battery-operated votive candle in each, and display or hang outside your house to celebrate the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Paper Lanterns

  1. Explode ghost bombs

Double the Halloween fun with this fun activity - clean your hollowed-out eggshells, and then fill them with cornstarch to create exploding ghost bombs! Experiment with your bombs by dropping or throwing them from different angles and see what patterns you can create.

  1. Make a DIY Halloween costume 

Creating a homemade Halloween costume with your child is an excellent opportunity to bond with your little one while getting creative. Brainstorm with your child about what costume they would like to wear. Think about their favorite characters from books and TV as a starting point and proceed. You don’t have to be a professional to create a unique outfit for your kid. Just have fun with it!

Easy Halloween Costumes

  1. Have a Halloween movie night

Bring the magic of spooky cinema to your home and host a Halloween movie night. Make a fort with blankets in the sitting room to give a feel of a haunted mansion, pop some microwave popcorn, and treat your kids to some classic Halloween children’s movies like ‘Hocus Pocus’, ‘Halloween Town’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’? Turn off all the lights for the full effect. 

  1. Invite friends over to play some Halloween games

Halloween can be a great time to celebrate with the whole squad! Gather your child and their friends to try out some of the recipes, activities, and games listed above. Here’s a list of Halloween games for kids that are easy to organize and super-fun to play. 

Halloween Games

  1. Wall painting with Kids

It’s something kids of all ages can get into— you can engage with your kids further by using paint and brushes (or hands) on 3-dimensional orange objects with ridges and stems. To create spooky designs on a small patch of walls like a spider web or a moonlit night to get into the holiday spirit! 

  1. Make Paper Plate masks 

This simple and easy Halloween activity will add an edge to your kid’s costume and also help you bond better with them. Take a paper plate, figure out its eyes, mouth, and nose for a basic design and then encourage your child to paint their favorite spooky character.
After you paint the mask, embellish the mask with feathers, pompoms, sequins, glitter, yarn, cotton balls, etc.

Halloween paper plate mask

  1. Pumpkin Drawings 

An interesting way to join in with the festivities is to decorate pumpkins with your kids. By using any good tempura paint, you and your little ones can create fun and engaging designs and scribbles. This Halloween activity for kids is particularly beneficial for toddlers as it works on their motor and writing skills.


Halloween is undoubtedly one such festival that captures the attention and curiosity of little children. The above listed Halloween games for kids introduce a variety of new and exciting activities to these young minds that help take a break from the regular pumpkin, candy, and costume traditions that come into play as the festival of Halloween begins.

By trying out these Halloween activities for kids, you can turn the festival into a fun learning experience for your children that will broaden their horizons and also encourage tons of creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Halloween Activities for Kids

How do kids celebrate Halloween at home?

Here are a few lists of activities for kids on Halloween

  1. Have a Family Halloween Party
  2. Trick-or-Treat at Home
  3. Decorate Halloween-Themed Cookies
  4. Design a Halloween Snack Board
  5. Have a Spooky Movie Marathon

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