Here Are 4 Ways To Teach Your Child About The Growth Mindset

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A Growth Mindset is quite powerful in terms of learning and success. Anybody who exercises their Growth Mindset is way ahead of their time and is often known to become a problem solver. Carol Dweck, a renowned researcher in the field of motivation and education believes that every child can develop a Growth Mindset and improve themselves. All they need is a little guidance. In this article, we’ve put down four concise steps that will help you guide your child towards developing a Growth Mindset.

Teach them that their brains evolve

The first thing your child should know is that intelligence isn’t fixed. The more effort they put in, the more their brains evolve. The simplest example for this is, when a baby begins to walk, they fall down after the first two to three steps. However, the next time they attempt to walk, they usually take a few more steps before falling. It’s because their brain has already understood what went wrong and tries to do better.

Model a Growth Mindset at home

Your child grows up watching you everyday. So it’s important to be an example to them. Show them that you are a constant learner. Help them see that hard work yields positive results. Once they see that you set challenging goals for yourself and strive to achieve them, they will also find the motivation to challenge themselves and improve their knowledge. Your child will then also become a constant learner.

Recognise effort over success

Instead of appreciating results, congratulate your child on the amount of hard work they put in to get the result. This will help them understand that when they build a strong foundation, they can reach to any new heights.

Celebrate mistakes and struggle

Mistakes are a sign of progress. Make sure that you encourage your child to make mistakes and move ahead. Most children nowadays get demotivated with mistakes and their interest in learning begins to decrease. This shouldn’t be the case with your child. Help them understand that making a mistake is one way that the brain evolves.

Do you have some good tips to encourage a Growth Mindset? Share them with us in the comments below.

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