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The high school girl with the confidence of a champion

The high school girl with the confidence of a champion

June 16, 2016

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Jinam Savajiyani is an 8th standard student who lives in Mumbai. I had a chat with her and her mother recently about how Cuemath has helped Jinam score high in math during her exams.

Jinam’s mother Mrs. Sonal Savajiyani seems to be happy about the way the program is designed for children from various grades. She explained that prior to Cuemath, Jinam’s performance in math was average and she was for some reason content with that.

“Her marks never concerned me so much because I didn’t know that my daughter could do exceptionally well and score high marks at that time.”

Jinam’s Cuemath teacher Purvi Shirodariya informed Mrs. Sonal about the Cuemath classes and she thought to give it a try.

Jinam studied in a school that followed the SSC board. Due to this reason initially the problems on Cuemath seemed a little difficult for her, explained her mother.

“The SSC standard is a little easier in comparison to other boards so I used to teach her at home earlier. Cuemath problems are very different from what children normally encounter.”

Mrs. Sonal explained that in Jinam’s syllabus, the sums are not competitive enough and this can sometimes stagnate a child’s learning potential.

Mrs. Sonal further said that after joining Cuemath classes, Jinam experienced difficulty initially but later on developed positively and began doing really well in class. Her confidence to solve different kinds of problems also increased and she began to enjoy the classes.

When I asked Jinam about her sessions, she happily said,

“I love the exercises on the tabs. I find things easy now and Cuemath has been really helpful!”

Jinam said that she herself was very taken aback with the way she found math easy now. The tab exercises make her think faster now. And what about the puzzle cards?

“I got my first one last week. I already finished it on my own. It was a very easy one to do.”

“So next time you’ll get a difficult one right?”

“That’s alright, I’m confident that I can do it on my own!”


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