Holiday Homework Math Solutions For Class KG-8th

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June 12, 2020

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As a student, we spend most of our time in our homes. A school is a place where we are guided and taught new things that we learn and implement throughout our lives. It is a place where we are examined whether we have undergone correct training or not. But, to successfully pass this examination, we require a lot of practice of whatever we are taught. This is where the role of our houses comes into place. A home is a place where a student polishes the skills that they learn in school. This practice and polishing of knowledge at our homes are known as ‘Homework’.


Homework refers to an assignment or a set of tasks, assigned by the teachers, to be completed outside the classroom. It may include going through the topic taught, or practicing questions which were not discussed in the class, extra reading or writing, a project work, or some exercises to complete. This homework is regularly reviewed by the teachers to understand the progress of a child. Holiday homework is not given as an added responsibility or pressure upon a child. The ultimate goal is not to improve the academic performance of the child. That comes supplementary to the main purpose of holiday homework i.e. to improve the academic skills and knowledge base of students. 


Purpose of Providing Homework

So, why should students be burdened with an added responsibility of homework? Well, it is very important to break this myth. Homework must not be considered as a burden. It must be considered as an added opportunity to learn and develop our skills. The basic objective of assigning homework to students is to increase their knowledge and improve the abilities and skills. This is given in order to prepare the students for upcoming lessons so that they can apply it to new situations. Homework helps students to integrate their different skills to perform a single task. Apart from all these benefits, homework also help students in:-

  1. Practice

As goes the old saying, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Homework is an opportunity for a student to undergo a regular practice even in the absence of a teacher. This helps them to revise and develop their abilities.


  1. Preparation

A regular practice and completion of tasks keep a student always prepared for all the uncertainties that he/she might face during the academic curriculum. The students will always be ready to take up challenges and face them with proper spirits.


  1. Participation

A regular practice of doing the homework also helps the student to participate and perform well during the classroom lectures. This keeps a child in walled with whatever is happening in the class. This also helps the child to understand the new concepts that are being taught by correlating these new concepts with the previously practiced homework assignments.


  1. Personal development

Holiday homework is given in order to inculcate habits of hard work and responsibility within a student. It helps a student to undergo research in order to come to the final answer. It also helps the students to think and find out the reason behind a given problem. This way, his/her personality is getting developed.


  1. Parent-child relations

Parents are often worried about whether their child is learning something new or not. Homework keeps a child engaged and also makes parents aware of whatever the child is learning. This helps to build a positive and healthy parent-child relationship.


  1. Parent-teacher communications

Apart from the parent-child relationship, homework also helps to build healthy parent-teacher communication. Parents review the work of the child on a regular basis. They can inform the teacher about the day-to-day activity of the child and can also understand their performance in the school. This helps in proper parenting as well as proper tutoring.


  1. Peer interactions

A smart student does not find it difficult to build peer relations and interactions. Because the homework helps in the personality development of a child, it helps the student to interact with their peers in a much better way.


  1. Public relations

Not only peer interaction but a good personality also helps a child in the long run. It helps the child to stand out of the crowd and interact with all the people in a sophisticated and acceptable manner. It helps the child to build good public relations and become a recognized citizen of the country.


How Holiday Homework Should Be

Some of our readers might be thinking what should holiday homework be like? Should it be filled with numerical or readings? Should it keep a student busy by laying down the daily routine or should it be relaxed and flexible? To answer this, we have a few pointers of what we think the holiday homework should be like:-

  1. Creativity

Holiday homework must be such which encourages students to think about something new. This must foster creativity and boost the thinking abilities of the student. An important role for teachers herein is to guide and direct all their students.


  1. Scheduled

Students must not be burdened with a lot of work. They must be given only that much of the task which is possible to complete. A lot of tasks create stress on the students which negatively impacts their performance. Teachers are advised to help their students with a proper schedule which has time for all the activities and not only studies and homework.


  1. Subjects

Holiday homework must be diverse. It must not be restricted to a single or any two subjects. This must be given all throughout for all the subjects. This ensures that a student regularly focuses on all the subjects.


  1. Level of difficulty

Homework must be such that it can be completed by students based on their current abilities. It must not be too difficult to complete because this will make a student lose his/her confidence. The level of difficulty must increase gradually. It must be easy in the beginning and difficult towards the end.


  1. Fun

There must always be some fun element in the tasks that students are asked to perform. This keeps them motivated and going. Homework must be designed in such a way which is enjoyable for the students to do. This can involve some handcrafts or project works that require drawing and a thinking mind. 


  1. Punishment

Physical punishments for not performing homework must strictly be avoided. It is always advisable to explain the consequences to a child in a friendly manner. If a child is reluctant to listen, some alternative methods of making them understand must be implemented. This punishment can be in the form of negative comments or reduction in marks etc., but not through physical means. Research shows that physical punishment makes a student violent. Alternative forms of punishment made a student understand and perform better in the long run.


After everything related to how holiday homework should be like, we also have some tips for our student readers to perform their holiday homework in a better way. We believe that by following these tips, they will be better able to complete their given tasks. These tips are:-

  • Set a proper friendly homework environment. The place must have all the resources that you need and comfortable seating.

  • Be consistent with your homework. Divide the entire task into smaller tasks and assign a schedule based on the priority.

  • Know your teachers. Understand what they are looking for and wanting from you.

  • Maintain a proper time for regular studies. Make a schedule that will involve some time for everything.

  • Take regular breaks while working. This will help you to revive your energy back.

  • Take the help of elders, if required. Research through different books and the internet for learning.

  • Keep the distractions to a minimum. Avoid using electronics during your time in the study.


Maths is a subject which requires constant practice and support. Therefore, we advise all our students to follow some of these tips to perform their maths holiday homework better.

  • Set a time for mathematics practice every day. A minimum of one hour is recommended.

  • Study through each and every step of a particular numerical.

  • Try increasing the level of difficulty with every new numerical.

  • Prevent yourself from using calculators and other electronic devices.

  • Don't just focus on one particular topic. Widen your horizon of learning and practice.

  • Be in regular touch with your teachers. Take their support and guidance, whenever required.

  • Try practicing in one notebook and make notes in the other. This will help you with last-minute revisions.

  • Apart from everything, make a formula list and keep updating that list whenever you come across something new. Position this list at a place where you can see and refer to it every day.

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Not only this, our teachers regularly revisit the tasks that were given by them as holiday homework. They provide a step by step explanation for the same. They also provide their valuable feedback to the students for their improvement. This helps us to build a healthy student-teacher relationship. Our solutions are generally self-explanatory, but if required, we are always available to help our students through our online platform and our mobile application. For reference, we have some math homework solutions for class KG to class 8.


Cuemath comes up with regular such articles for every type of reader. These articles are not only related to the mathematics subject. Rather it helps our readers to develop various skills and abilities which helps them in all the phases of their life. Cuemath believes in the holistic development of the students. Through our website and our mobile applications, we promise to stay connected with your child always and provide them with all the necessary help required.

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