Cuemath Can Make Your Child A Master Of Math!


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Cuemath is a sophisticated math learning program for young students (grades KG to 8). It is the only math learning program which comprehensively covers every aspect of math learning and foundation:

  • school math
  • mental aptitude
  • creative reasoning


Let’s look at each of these domains of the Cuemath program one-by-one.

School Math

Cuemath covers every concept a student covers in school math, but in a much more creative and engaging format – through Cuemath’s specially designed set of 4000+ worksheets. For example, in Cuemath, a child learning fractions and decimals will:

  • learn to build visual models of fractions and decimals
  • learn to interpret fractions and decimals as extensions of numbers rather than unrelated entities
  • learn how decimals are related to fractions

Similarly, Cuemath students get exposed to algebra in a much more intuitive format compared to how algebra is typically covered in schools. The program will start with a gradual exposure to abstraction and build complexity in a carefully calibrated and coherent manner.



Mental Aptitude

Cuemath extensively addresses calculation and aptitude skills – through Cuemath’s proprietary tab based learning platform. In each Cuemath session, students work on this platform practising their mental math, pattern recognition and other related skills – progressing through levels and winning rewards in the process. For example, some skills covered by Cuemath are:

  • Mentally multiplying numbers
  • Identifying non-verbal patterns
  • Decoding verbal codes

Creative Reasoning

One of Cuemath’s most innovative feature is creative reasoning – covered through highly engaging puzzle cards. In each session, a student will get a puzzle card to work upon, and the student can take the help of parents and friends to crack the puzzle. Imagine your child solving interesting puzzles around advanced concepts like:

  • Parity
  • Truths and lies
  • Pigeonhole principle
  • Cutting and divisions

As students progress through each of the three domains, their progress can be constantly monitored against the 100 levels structure of the program. As a parent, you will stay constantly updated about what your child is learning – and you’ll be surprised about the depth of this learning in many cases!

If this sounds exciting, the next steps are simple. Find a Cuemath center near you, and take your child there for a free diagnostic test, called the Cuemath Benchmark Test (CBT). The CBT will assess your child’s current ability, and place your child appropriately on one of the program’s levels. From then onward, Cuemath will ensure that your child progresses towards a mastery of math!

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