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how cuemath inspired arianna to write her own book


How Cuemath Inspired Arianna to Write her Own Book

Surely, you all must have heard bedtime stories in childhood and even today, you may recite bedtime stories about princesses, castles, dragons and knights to your child. These stories help give wings to your child’s imagination – letting them see the world in a whole new way.

And as Albert Einstein famously said – Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

 imagination is more important than knowledge

The Boy and Girl who learnt to love math is one such story by the 6-year old young budding writer, Arianna Clovis-Mascarenhas. The story takes the readers through a series of events that the main characters, Sam and Polly, go through to realize the importance of math in their day to day lives.

We got in touch with Arianna’s math teacher- Mrs Asha Muralidharan (a Cuemath Teacher Partner) to know the real story behind her inspiration. And this is what she shared:

“Arianna never liked attending her Cuemath classes when she first joined us. To help her and the other children I taught, I thought it would be a good idea to have storytelling on puzzle cards. I was very impressed to know that she had such great imagination when it came to making stories of her own.”

“Slowly, I started incorporating chocolates into the class to get her attention. She loved doing her additions and subtractions using candies and she was fast with her calculations as well. Eventually she got engrossed and even won trophies for attendance & punctuality, worksheets, tab and puzzles!”

Upon asking Asha ma’am about the driving force that inspired Arianna to write this story, she said:

“Arianna’s parents had a designated bedtime storytelling time for her. Eventually, she too started making her own bedtime stories. And her stories used to be mostly filled with what went on in her day. A chunk of her day was taken up by the Cuemath classes, and that’s what she used to fill her story.”

Arianna’s imagination was fueled by her daily activities – we at Cuemath are humbled that Mrs Asha Muralidharan could inspire her to write a story on her math journey.

Following is an excerpt from the book:

‘All these experiences taught Polly and Sam that Math was not just a subject but that it was quite necessary in daily life. They realized Math is in everything and everywhere for example: even in cooking they needed to know Math to measure ingredients…

They continued attending the Math class regularly and did well not only in the class but also at school. In fact, they became famous as the kids who were great at Math!’

The Boy and Girl who learnt to love math is a story of innocence and imagination crafted beautifully by a 6-year old. This book is a perfect bedtime story for your child, no matter what age they are. Arianna’s book is sure to strike up a plethora of emotions and imagination in your child.



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