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How good do you think Cuemath is?



6 January 2021

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How well do you think Cuemath actually is?

Cuemath is an online educational platform teaching Math & Coding to students from KG to 12.

Based out of Bangalore, India, Cuemath has been helping thousands of students improve their aptitude and logical abilities with their courses.

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With a mission to create problem solvers of the 21st Century, Cuemath has expanded to 14 different countries across the globe. 

Cuemath’s curriculum and the platform have been designed by experts from IIT, Harvard & Cambridge.

Keeping a child’s learning behavior and demographics in mind, a unique methodology has been adapted to enable a child’s growth.

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We understand that the presence of a teacher is the key in the early grades of learning.

This is why we don’t teach via pre-recorded videos, rather have a live teacher train your child online.

For a majority of students, an active presence of the teacher provides a commitment and vastly accelerates outcomes in becoming better at math, and loving it.

What is Cuemath's Secret Sauce?

At Cuemath, our secret sauce is our pedagogy - our teachers explain the ‘Why before the What’ of any Math problem.

Even though Math is taught as a series of rules and steps, if the concept is not clearly explained,

Math can be perceived as tough or boring by kids. For example, when you think of Multiplication, do you think of “tables” or do you understand that multiplication intuitively is repeated addition?

We try to help children know the how behind the what

We are deeply concerned that a majority of kids in grade 4 don’t know that 18x9 is another way of expressing 9x18, but they know that singularly 18x9 = 162 and 9x18 equals 162.

We have realized that when math is taught visually to children, it helps them distill the core principles and they are able to apply the concept in a new context.

They see math as a superpower and begin to love math rather than resenting it.

Isn't that what every parent wants for their child?

Math has Never been so Relevant to so Many

Math is more than what children learn in school- it is beyond arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry;

Math is computational thinking, data science..it is an essential skill in life. In a world dominated by Data and AI, Math skills are more important than ever, which is why we believe that Math has never been so important to so many. 

Math & English were the key 20th-century skills. Well, that is passe now, because Math + Coding + Data sciences are the relevant 21st-century skills.

math and creativity

At Cuemath, we help your child build intuition for math, not just competence.

What do we mean by intuition? Intuition for Math is defined as the ability to think “in math” much the same way as you think “in English”, To be able to see and interpret the world around you using math.

And we help kids build a natural ability towards math and coding so that they can speak like any other language, intuitively. 

Cuemath Makes A Promise...

To make your child a problem solver in 6 months. Why do we say so?

Because we believe that Math is the language of thinking, and early proficiency can give your child a head start and a lifelong advantage.

Now who wouldn’t want that!?

Cuemath has also realized that starting early is the only way to build a mathematical ability, and that learning it is like learning a language, the faster your child gets to it, the better it would be. 

impact of cuemath

Math and Coding are the natural languages of problem-solving, and very soon this ability will separate future decision-makers from followers.


This is why our goal is to encourage every child to develop an intuition for math and coding, and not just get competent.

The Cuemath method teaches students to learn visually and hence understand and retain concepts better.

This is done with a cutting edge platform where students interact in real-time with an expert teacher. This way, Cuemath students become natural problem solvers and get future ready!

cuemath live class

With the ongoing pandemic, parents are increasingly concerned about their children not being able to get a quality education.

With the schools moving online, learning everything from a screen has become the new normal.

But with the classes being conducted online, it is not like children are actively learning.

The teacher is broadcasting a screen that all students are merely seeing.

Asking doubts is still very difficult in an online classroom, and we don't know if students are able to grasp the concepts.

Even though videos are being recorded that children can see at any point of time, the whole process has gone to passive watching, which we think is worse than role learning. 

Cuemath vs Other Online Learning Platforms

Most online learning platforms have video tutorials with 1000s of students, and many times these videos are pre-recorded.

This prohibits students from asking any questions/ doubts during the classes in a meaningful way. With only an option of a chatbox, 1:1 interaction with the teachers is impossible.

The freedom to ask doubts & practice under supervision is very crucial to the learning process of a child. 

At cuemath, students interact Live with an expert teacher. Our classes can be attended online from anywhere in the world. Our students learn the why before the what and are encouraged to ask doubts that are clarified on the go.

cuemaths unique way of teaching

We build intuition for math and not just competence.

To ensure all this, we make sure our batch sizes are around 1:6 (teacher: student ratio). Even in a class, no 2 students have the same curriculum, there is personalized learning for every child depending on their competencies & ability to learn. 

Our curriculum is developed by experts from Cambridge and the Indian Institute of Technology, something that other learning platforms may not be able to boast about. We are a young and growing brand, among the parents who have shown their faith in us, really trust us.

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All because of our unique methodology of teaching math and logic.

We want to prep children to build a natural ability and intuition for math, as the applications go well beyond their school curriculum. 

About Cuemath

Cuemath, a student-friendly mathematics platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. Know more about the Cuemath fee here, Cuemath Fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do all children get better at Math in Cuemath?

All children excel in maths with the right guidance by a teacher, the efforts they put in and support from parents. Generally, a period of 3 to 6 months is sufficient for most children to do significantly better and sometimes it may take 6 to 9 months. Learn more about how all children get better at math in Cuemath.

2. How is Cuemath curriculum/methodology in Cuemath Online Program different from school/tuition?

We have a unique teaching methodology that enables students to develop a strong reasoning and mathematical mindset.

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