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How to overcome test anxiety for the Cuemath Olympiad?


July 13, 2020

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Have you ever come across a situation when your child feels extreme exam fear and fails to perform in an exam even after proper preparation and revision?

Exam stress commonly referred to as Test Anxiety can impact your child’s ability to absorb, retain, and recall information. This makes it difficult for your child to demonstrate what they already know during the exam, leading to poor test scores and low performance.

As a parent, your core concern is to prepare your child well, both physically and mentally before the exam. Research shows, building a child’s emotional skills and encouraging them to practice healthy physical habits can help them in combating test anxiety. 


9 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Exam Fear and Anxiety

  • Start early preparation: Avoid last-minute preparation as it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Start preparing at least 1-2 months in advance 
  • Constant practice: Constantly practicing all the concepts and problems can help in building confidence for the test day. Check out our worksheets –
  • Clarifying the fundamentals: Focus on conceptual clarity and its practical implementation so your child doesn’t feel stuck in any problem and can think through a solution Check out our concept pages-
  • Organized study: Keep all the study material neat and organised.  Being organized helps in keeping a check on anxiety. 
  • Optimistic approach: Encourage your child to maintain a positive attitude while preparing and even during the exam. 
  • Stay Relaxed & Be confident: Help them to feel relaxed and confident throughout the preparation and during the test by starting with simple problems and then proceeding to difficult ones 
  • Study Smart: Spot the exam pattern and help them find easy ways to solve questions. Check out our tips & tricks page- 
  • Taking Mock Test: Encourage them to take mock tests to assess progress and to build confidence. 
  • De-stress: Give them breaks to avoid stress and to boost their energy level.


Above all consider that the whole Cuemath Olympiad preparation process as an experience than an outcome. Go ahead and believe that your child has everything that it takes to be a winner.


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