20 Tips on How to Study Smart

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June 23, 2020

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Want to grab good grades by studying smartly, without working too hard or disrupting the balance in your life? Read these tips on how to study smart, not hard! Implementing these smart study tips into your study routine will help you learn and manage your time better.


We know you are burdened by too many assignments, truckloads of homework, and standardized tests now and then. You are not the only student who finds 24 hours too less to manage studies along with personal life. Relax and breathe a sigh of relief because most of the students find it themselves in the same position as you!

You are not alone! We are with you to help you how to study smart so that you can find learning an interesting process. Did you know that 24 hours are actually enough to lead a perfect life balance if you manage your time effectively?


20 Useful Tips on How to Study Smart and Effectively

Learn to make most of your day and reschedule your study routine. If you follow some proven smart study tips, you will find out how to study smart in no time. Whether you’re in school, college, or want to study to simply expand your knowledge, learn to study well in a short time.

These tips on how to study smart will get you one step ahead in effective learning.

  1. Don’t Cram

The first rule of how to study smart not hard is to say goodbye to cramming. The habit of cramming doesn't let you use or retain knowledge whenever required.


  1. Take Breaks

Studies show that taking 10 - 15 minutes break every 1 hour improves your ability to concentrate. On the contrary, if you don't take study breaks, you would end up stressing and exhausting yourself.


  1. Review What You’ve Learnt

Before you start a new topic, review the last topic you learned even if you think your concepts are clear. This will help you remember the concepts more thoroughly. 


  1. Meditate

Meditation early in the morning improves your concentration span and brain efficiency. Eventually, it improves your academic performance and reduces anxiety.


  1. Schedule a Revision Session before Bedtime

Since sleeping boosts your brainpower, a small revision before going to bed is significantly beneficial in improving your memory and the ability to recall.


  1. Take Small Chunks of Information at a Time

While studying a lengthy topic, don't try to absorb all the details in your head at once. Divide the topic into smaller chunks and understand one-step at a time. Once you have practised it, move on to the second one.


  1. Create the Perfect Study Environment

If your study environment is busy or has distracting elements, you cannot concentrate effectively. So, it is important to study in a quiet, dedicated study space with proper lighting.


  1. Get Enough Sleep

If you are sleep-deprived, you cannot hold on to information for a longer period. A recent study suggests taking at least seven hours of sleep to allow the brain to rest and foster creativity.


  1. Take Notes

Taking notes helps you actively listen and engage in the topic. If you make note-taking a habit, you can have a better focus by organizing information in an easy structure.


  1. Use Flash Cards

Another important tip on how to study smart and effectively is to make flashcards to divide complex concepts into smaller parts. The flashcard technique can boost your memory by 55% alone.


  1. Connect Information

Make connections between concepts you have learned before to improve your knowledge and study better.


  1. Get a White Board

Whiteboards are very helpful in making flowcharts, relating information, and practising. Use coloured markers as contrast increases visibility and ultimately, your memorizing abilities. Whiteboards are great for practising written concepts.


  1. Plan One Day Ahead

Jot down your study goals for the next day every night to reduce your stress upon every achievement.


  1. Set Realistic Goals

Another crucial tip on how to study smart and effectively is to set realistic goals and not go overboard.


  1. Study Out Loud

Studying aloud while closing your eyes is a very useful trick to learn better instead of cramming.


  1. Drink Water

Studies also suggest that drinking water while studying or giving an exam improves focus and provides a mental boost by boosting oxygen supply in the blood.


  1. Use Visuals

If you want to study well in a short time, go for a visual learning style to improve your memory retention and concentration power.


  1. Test Yourself

Quiz yourself after finishing each topic to see your progress. Do not move on to another topic if you are not satisfied with your test results.


  1. Study in Groups

Group study once a week helps you gain a better understanding of the topic by discussing it together.  You will find this tip on how to study smart not hard really useful.


  1. Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

Last but not the least, don't push yourself beyond your limits. Try to achieve little but practical goals. And remember that everyone has a different learning pace.


Some Smart Study Tips to Learn Maths

If you particularly find Maths difficult, here are some of the best tips for studying Mathematics:

  • Practice as much as possible

  • Don’t procrastinate

  • Work hard on your basics

  • Clear your doubts with a teacher

  • Pay close attention to each concept

  • Learn from your errors

  • Note down all the formulae in a separate notebook

  • Revise each day

  • Understand each concept

  • Start by solving easy problems first

  • Take practice tests

  • Use mnemonic strategies to remember formulas, derivations, etc.

  • Do not stress yourself

  • Stay positive


Now that you know how to study smart, remember to practice these best tips for studying in your life. Follow these tips gradually to make them your habit. Do not try to incorporate all of them at once shot. Else, you will end up stressing yourself and not finding effective results. Focus on just one or two tips at a time. Once you are comfortable and habitual of it, work on involving another tip in your life. 

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