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How women are changing the world: You can be one of them

How women are changing the world: You can be one of them

March 3, 2017

how cuemath teachers are changing the world

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The Indian society today is evolving and most middle-class families are slowly turning to favour the working woman who can balance her job as well as her family.

The education that women receive today in urban India, is far superior when compared to a few decades ago. This has helped them gain confidence and work tirelessly towards establishing themselves in a career of their choice.
So the question arises, should marriage stop a woman from enhancing her career further?

Taking a break for a few years to build a family with her husband is a brilliant portrayal of selflessness. But once her children grow up, wouldn’t she want to begin working again? This is where she is bound to face a roadblock.

A lot of companies today stand up for women. But they also tend to be wary of the fact that if she has been a homemaker for a while, she is probably not up-skilled enough to face the current scenario.

Homemakers are some of the best managers that the world should acknowledge.

cuemath teacher

Look at Mrs. Usha Chervela from Hyderabad, a multifaceted woman, who loves to impart knowledge. She ensures that her husband and daughter are ready to face each day, grows her own herbal garden and also manages a few batches of enthusiastic Cuemath Students everyday.

She chose to become a Cuemath Teacher because, other than imparting great math education to these students, she enjoyed how it wasn’t stressful and says,

“As a homemaker, I feel that if you’re looking for a job that gives you the freedom to work from home, gather your own batch of students and still earn an income on a par with a corporate job, Cuemath is the perfect choice for you.” 

cuemath teacher with her students

Mrs. Priyanka Maidh is another strong woman from Bangalore who worked for around 4 years after marriage and then decided to devote her time to bringing up her son. A few years later, she began to miss the challenges of a work environment and decided to work full time again. However, the lengthy commute to office and tiring shifts drained the energy in her and she missed spending quality time with her little one.

That’s when she decided to work from home as a Cuemath Teacher. Today, she’s a completely happy woman who says, “When a woman is highly educated, she deserves to earn and be satisfied with her job. Teaching is a brilliant way to motivate students. As a teacher, I am also involved in shaping their lives. Financially, Cuemath is a great avenue to earn and feel proud of our income as well!”

cuemath soft skill teacher

When Mrs. Anagha Pandit decided to quit her job in Mumbai after 23 years, her friends and family assumed that she would finally take the break that she deserved. However, she began to give back to the society by teaching soft skills to young children.

When the opportunity to teach children math crossed her path, she seized it. Now, as a Cuemath Teacher, she confidently quips “Age is just a number! Any woman can now think of a relaxed second innings at any age now because of Cuemath!”

Usha, Priyanka and Anagha are women who come from different walks of life and have the same passion for building something more out of their lives. They have found a career that makes them enterprising as well as inspiring to those around them.

They have become Cuemath Teachers with a purpose to spread great math education in their respective neighbourhoods. They have also earned themselves a great reputation as teachers.

This is your chance to change the world around you like these successful women. Grab this opportunity to become a Cuemath Teacher. Life beyond marriage for women is full of possibilities and opportunities.

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