IMO: Training your child to excel at Math


IMO: Training your child to excel at Math

July 16, 2018


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The International Math Olympiad is one of the most prestigious annual mathematical competition for pre-college students consisting of 6 questions of 7 marks each. The content and pattern of questions presented in the Math Olympiad range from complicated algebra, calculus problems to widespread problems on branches of mathematics that are generally not taught to your children in schools or university levels.

The International Math Olympiad is a Math challenge that takes place every year welcoming young Mathletes from over 100 countries, solving math problems against each other in a competitive environment over a period of 12 days.

The International Math Olympiad is not just a math competition; it’s a global challenge that helps your child grow their mathematical skills in a competitive environment. The primary objective of the Math Olympiad is to inculcate in your child, the competitive spirit to tackle real-life logical problems and situations they may face in life.

The International Math Olympiad also trains your child to excel in Math both logically and creatively.

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How to make your child a Mathlete with IMO exam?

Here are some of the ways you can help prepare the inner mathlete in your child:

1.Mock tests help your child test their matheletic abilities:

Solving mock tests based on the question pattern set by the International Math Olympiad will significantly benefit your child to test and challenge their understanding of the concepts in a much better way. Not only would the mock tests help your child prepare for the bigger olympiad, but it would also help them revise and apply the concepts in the practical environment.

2.Enrolling your child in engaging after-school Math programs:

After school math programs are a great way to make sure your child is getting that extra boost of knowledge that goes beyond blackboard education. We at Cuemath strive to produce materials that engagingly teach the basics of Math. Not only do we focus on teaching your child a wide range of curriculum, but we also make sure your child perceives Math as a subject that is in its entirety fun. We make sure your child is not scared of Math but sees it as a friend.

3.IMO and other similar competitive exams help your child to strive to be better at Math continuously:

Competitive tests are challenging in nature and always keep your child challenged and actively allowed them to keep thinking about the different connections Math may have in their practical life, this in turn also induces in them the habit of mathematical thinking, which in today’s fast-growing world is one of the essential life skill to have.

4.Math Olympiad practice tests pave the way for your child’s overall improvement:

Practice tests are designed keeping in mind the various concepts and patterns of questions that may be set up for the Math Olympiad your child might be preparing for. Not only do such practice tests boost your child’s ability to grasp the concepts better, but it also makes attempting the questions in the real Olympiad easy and less scary. Most of the concepts covered in the International Math Olympiad are based on the practical and real-life applications of the ideas your child is generally taught in school, this, in turn, prepares your child for the real world where math functions and mathematical thinking rule.

5.Paves the path for young Math Olympians:

The International Math Olympiad is one of the most prestigious Olympiads in the world. Participating in such Olympiads not only has big rewards but also helps your child find a set career path for themselves. Some of the prizes of the International Math Olympiad includes scholarships to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world.  

The International Math Olympiad helps your child boost your child’s confidence in a competitive environment, competing alongside 100’s of other mathletes from all over the world.

3 out of 4 students enrolled in our Cuemath Math Olympiad program successfully qualified in the 2017 International Math Olympiad.

Do you want your child to represent India in the International Math Olympiads? Enroll your child today!

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