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Introducing Badges and Super Teacher Certificates

Introducing Badges and Super Teacher Certificates

February 18, 2019


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“Success does not come overnight but through a series of smaller milestones.”

It is often said that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day. We are now instituting a new system of rewards and recognition for all teachers so that their everyday efforts can be celebrated.

Overall, there are 2 categories of awards and recognition- Cuemath Super teacher Certificates and Milestone Badges.

The categories for Cuemath Super Teacher Certificates are as follows-

  1. Expert Teacher – For teachers with consistently high Cuemath Compliance Scores in the new paradigm
  2. Curriculum Expert- For teachers who have worked with the curriculum team and contributed to the Cuemath Learning System
  3. Most Recommended by Parents- For teachers who receive a high number of parent referrals
  4. Teacher Mentor- For teachers who are part of the buddy system and have contributed to the teacher community
  5. Engagement Expert- For teachers who host events and experience sessions with a high success rate
  6. Cuemath Innovator- For teachers who constantly share best practices within the community and contribute to the overall Cuemath Experience

Milestone badges are physical badges which will be given to CTPs on an ongoing basis. Here is a list of the badges –

Tenure –

Each class is an opportunity to not only improve the lives of students but the expertise of the teacher as well. The first set of badges are on the basis of the tenure of the CTP and the number of classes conducted.

  1. 100 classes conducted
  2. 1000 classes conducted
  3. 2000 classes conducted
  4. 5000 classes conducted
  5. Completed 2 years
  6. Completed 3 years
  7. Completed 4 years
  8. Completed 5 years

Retention based –

It is crucial for parents and teachers to work together to deliver the learning outcomes that we promise. The teachers who maintain good rapport with the students and parents achieve faster and better learning outcomes. Therefore feedback from both parents and students is crucial.

  1. Parent Favourite (based on parent feedback)
  2. Student Favourite (based on student feedback)
  3. Outcomes Champion (based on short term CCS 3.0)

Age group – student data

Each age group of students requires a dedicated and customised approach to deliver learning outcomes. Based on this, there are multiple badges to be earned. Teaching and delivering learning outcomes for 3-4 students in the KG to Gr 2 band earns you a specific badge. Similarly, there are other badges for grades 3 to 5 and 6 to 8

  1. Young Learner Champion (based on no. of students in KG-grade 2)
  2. Higher Grade Champion (based on no. of students in grade 6-8)

Track based – training based – those who complete training

Teachers who are proficient in all the learning tracks such as Number operations, Algebra etc can help their students make math connections with ease. The proficiency badges are offered to those teachers who successfully complete track based math courses shared by Cuemath, with good scores, which help create a fun and engaging learning environment for children.

  1. Algebra Proficiency
  2. Integers Proficiency
  3. Decimals Proficiency

Curriculum-based – based on the number of activities done (subset of CCS data)

Cuemath’s success is equally attributable to the teachers as well as the Cuemath learning system where Concepts, Aptitude and Reasoning are delivered through unique learning tools. The teachers who make perfect use of these learning tools utilize the full potential of the program to deliver the learning outcomes and thus deserve recognition.

  1. Mathbox Champion
  2. Aptitude Builder
  3. Reasoning Builder

Classroom-based – training based  – those who complete training

The true responsibility of the teacher is to motivate students to imbue positive behaviours in the classroom like meeting daily targets, actively participating in classroom activities and so on. In some cases, the teachers may also have to identify learning processes applicable to students and personalize classroom rewards and instructions to match them. These badges identify and recognize the teachers who ensure their best efforts in the Cuemath classroom.

  1. Positive Behavior Champion
  2. Learning Styles Champion

After class – data based

Cuestudent plus, the after-class, at home activities offer an extended learning opportunity to the students. It includes activities such as math gym and IMO preparation. A teacher who educates the parents and students about these activities and promotes their usage is likely to help children achieve faster learning outcomes and get ahead. The teachers with the best usage of Cuestudent plus will be awarded these badges.

  1. IMO Master
  2. Math Gym Master
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