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Introducing Cuemath Universe

the cuemath universe

Children’s Day was an exciting day for us at Cuemath. We released the much awaited Cuemath Universe for all our students across KG-8th grade.

The essence of Mathematics is the power of the imagination to find a solution to every problem. In order to capture that imagination, Cuemath formed a dedicated Art and Story team. This team has been working on producing motion comics that will engage the interest and curiosity of our students.

After months of hard work, the new feature was rolled out yesterday.

Why are we doing this?

Our classrooms include students from across K-8, each possessing different cognitive skills and abilities to absorb and process information. To help every student learn at their own pace, The Cuemath Universe was designed as a culmination of stories with different characters to help them understand math better by following their heroes on thrilling feats and adventures.

These stories have been broadly divided into three levels– Class K-2, Class 3-5, and Class 6-8. This has been done after carefully analyzing the students’ responses to content across media like storybooks, puzzles, games, apps and televised programs. Each story would be released periodically over a series of classes, encouraging students to consistently attend and perform well. The objective behind this is to engage the students to strengthen their problem-solving ability and increase their affinity for math.

A brief idea about each story world is given below;

The Story Worlds

  1. Class K-2: Thomas Tallman and Friends– These are stories that focus on the wonders of math and logic in the natural world, and in the immediate world that the younger children live and play in. Thomas Tallman is the newest kid in the odd little town of Oddity, and quickly becomes the town’s expert problem-solver when he discovers a book on Math. Expect exciting times on bicycles and seesaws, discoveries in growing plants and telling time with shadows, and the joys of flying kites!
  1. Class 3-5: Zero-Squad– These are stories about an intrepid crime-solving detective duo, Eka and Dvita – the “Zero Squad.” Raised by an honest and upright District Collector, their family is often transferred, so the stories take place against the rich backdrop and history of the smaller towns and cities of India. Get ready to crack cases that even most adults cannot. In this story, brains overpower the local goons’ brawn, because Eka and Dvita are most certainly superheroes, with the superpowers of logic and reasoning.
  1. Class 6-8: Kalina and the Shards of Singularity– These stories, for our older students, take place in a world reminiscent of the Arabian Nights, but with intergalactic space-travel in a not-so-distant future. We follow a young rebel, Kalina, as she travels across the universe with her trusted AI partner/sidekick (they can’t decide which one), the Djinn. Get ready to explore space/time, break complex codes, and discover the mysterious mathematical origins of the stars.    


How students will access The Cuemath Universe

Cuemath students can access these stories on the Cuestudent app that they use during their Cuemath classes. Each student will be assigned a storyline based on their grade. A storyline is made up of multiple stories. Each story is divided into episodes and each episode is broken into scenes. Every scene will need an action from the student in order to move to the next scene. Care has been taken to make each scene as interactive as possible to increase the learning quotient. 

A story can be as short as one episode or as long as 12-14 episodes. Based upon a student’s weekly compliance, they  can unlock a new episode every week by completing 2 tasks per class and attending 3 classes per week. Here’s a glimpse of what the new feature looks like on the tablet.






This is one of the most extensive gamification exercises ever undertaken in education. All the characters and the fictional universe they belong to were created with immense detail, keeping in mind the triggers for children across different age groups. With this type of learning we want to remove the fear of mathematics in children and bring them closer to strengthening this life skill.

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