It is Important to Support Your Child's Creativity


sir ken robinson's quote

A great education is that which enables an individual to make the right choice for themselves. What doesn’t work however, is forcing students to memorize standard procedures to solve problems. In this video, Sir Ken Robinson makes a strong case for creating an environment that nurtures creativity.

Watch this rather humourous and informative video.


This is one of the most-watched TED Talks available because of the profound examples and instances that Sir Ken Robinson mentions. All these present his thoughts on how to the school system ought to be changed in order to cultivate creativity among students.

Sir Ken Robinson is a British author, speaker and international educational advisor. He is renowned for his involvement in the education field and his attempts to modify it to suit the needs of the students. He suggested three major changes to the education system:

  1. Offer a broad curriculum and encourage individual learning.
  2. Spark curiosity among student through creative teaching.
  3. It should focus on awakening the creativity among individuals.

He envisions a world where children use their creativity to become wonderful citizens and great innovators.

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