Kids reactions when they don’t understand math

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Kids reactions when they don’t understand math

October 8, 2016

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Math is one word which brings fresh beads of sweat over a lot of kids, and it happens because they think they are weak in Math.  Well, truth be told there is no such thing as easy or difficult, it is all about understanding the subject in the right manner. We were also kids once; we know how it felt when Math was not treating us right. Let’s see some of those extremely relatable reactions your kids give when they come face to face with Math problems.


1. When they are doing Math homework, and they get a hard problem


2. Their face when the teacher announces the Math test for tomorrow


3.  The reaction they give, when their teacher asks them to come forth and solve a Math problem


4. The moment when letters of alphabets decided to get involved with Math problems


5. When they shout out the answer in Math class with confidence and it’s wrong.


6. That moment when the teacher is looking for a volunteer and they accidently make an eye contact


7. Your reaction when your kid is doing Math during holidays: D

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