Fun learning games and activities for kindergartners


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1. Introduction
2. What does a child learn in Kindergarten?
3. Kindergarten Fun Activities
4. Conclusion
5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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25 November 2020

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The term kindergarten refers to a playschool or an infant school. It is a german word which means children's garden. It is an educational division, a supplement to elementary school, intended mainly towards the accommodation of children between the ages group of 2 to 5 years. In this article, we will understand what are the different fun activities for kindergarten? These activities are more like classroom activities for kindergarten kids.

Many parents often think that what could a child learn at such a tender age. But, in today's world, education has improved leaps and bounds. It is necessary for a child to start learning at an early age so that he/she built a very strong foundation.

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Kindergarten developed a wide range of skills amongst the child including physical, social, emotional, language and literacy, and thinking (cognitive) skills. These skills are developed by means of games, puzzles, and other fun activities in kindergarten.

Let us continue by understanding what a child learns in Kindergarten?

What does a child learn in Kindergarten?

  • Speaking and listening skills - It is very important to communicate effectively, both oral and written. Children are encouraged to participate and interact in kindergarten. They are taught the difference between different words and sounds. This gives them a head start in their junior school.

Parent and kid Listening and talking

  • Motor skills - It is very important for a child to develop his or her gross and fine motor skills. Kindergarten includes a number of trained instructors and teachers who support your child in a step-by-step manner to develop muscles that improve their motor skills.

Two kids undergoing motor skills at kindergarden

  • Social connect - Kindergarten is basically a place to have fun. Students from different community backgrounds come together and work in teams, coordinate and collaborate with each other, make and keep friends, and get involved in a number of activities. This helps them to improve their social circle.

Making your holiday home child friendly

  • Emotional development - It is very important for a child to understand his feelings and the feelings of others. These trained instructors help the child to recognize and talk about their emotions and show concerns to others. They are able to better manage their character and behavior.

4 kids practicing emotional development

  • Thinking skills - Reasoning is one of the most powerful skills which everyone must develop. Kindergarten teachers help the child to explore, observe, create, ask questions, do new tasks, and solve problems. These teachers encourage children to discuss and think more deeply about ideas. This helps them in decision-making.

Photo of a kid sitting on chair

  • Reading skills - It is said that learning starts at home. It is ultimately a teacher who helps the child to develop his/her love for reading. They teach a child with the sounds of the letters, punctuations, expressions, etc.

A kid reading a comic book

  • Numbers and counting - Most students, when they grow up, face difficulties in performing basic mathematical operations, and understanding the numbers attached. Teachers at kindergarten try to develop a strong base for a child in understanding the numbers and performing these basic mathematical operations and counting.

Kids with number design - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

  • Objects and shapes - There are various kindergarten activities which help the child to develop his/her knowledge about various shapes, objects, size, and figures. They also tend to learn about colors and develop control over their muscles and memory power.

Mother and kid playing with objects and shapes

Kindergarten Fun Activities

The above mentioned were just a few of the many skills which children learn when they visit a kindergarten. Moving on we have a list of fun activities for kindergarten. These are the most effective classroom activities for kindergarten kids, which are generally practiced throughout all the kindergartens. These kindergarten activities include:

  • Colouring different objects of different shapes and sizes

  • Crafting a personalized card for various occasions.

  • Games like building blocks help to improve the creativity and visualization of a child.

  • Puzzles help to improve the decision making ability of the child.

  • Storytelling helps to understand the imagination of a child and also improves his/her speaking skills.

  • Making crafts using clay.

  • Creating a story map which helps them to understand the sequence of things.

  • Creating a personalized activity book.

  • Singing and dancing help to control the muscles.

  • Understanding the sense of various objects and things.

  • Creating a picture collage and explaining the story behind it.

  • Understanding the concepts of fractions and other topics through real-life examples.

  • Watching the animations of various stories of kids.

  • Learning the nursery rhymes along with actions.

  • Different creative ways of writing words and sentences.

  • Hosting fancy dress competitions.

  • Celebrating various festivals together.

  • Learning different activities like tying a shoelace, reading a clock, reading a calendar, etc.

  • Decorating the class on different occasions.

  • Going on picnics and fun trips to parks or other locations.


These kindergarten activities help the child to get a fair start about how junior school might be. They also develop the confidence of attending the school and completing different tasks within the given deadline. Kids who visit kindergarten are seen to be more motivated and friendly. Therefore, we cannot deny the importance of kindergarten in a student’s life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is taught in kindergarten?

  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Motor skills
  • Social Connect
  • Emotional Development
  • Thinking skills
  • Reading skills
  • Number and counting
  • Objects and shapes

2. How to enroll in Cuemath?

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